8 Ways to Increase Your Afternoon Energy Level at Work

We’ve all felt the 2 p.m. slump slide in causing you to lose your focus on that important project you are working on. It seems to creep in without warning and can leave you zapped for the rest of the day. There are ways to combat this bout of tiredness while at the office so you can be more productive in the last hours of the day. Here are some ways you can boost your afternoon energy levels while at work.

Get Organized

When you feel your head start to nod, now is the time to take a break and refocus your thoughts. Try organizing your desk to take you mind off your reduced energy levels and allow your brain to shift gears for a second. This mundane task can help lift your spirits as you see a sense of accomplishment in your desk’s new appearance, making you feel energized in the process.

Got For a Walk

Combating your reduced energy levels with an afternoon walk. This will get the blood flowing and produce that much-needed dopamine to help you feel recharged. Even a 20-minute walk on your lunch hours is enough to help you recharge for the afternoon office hours and help you be more productive as well.

Have a Pick Me Up

If you just can’t seem to get your head right, indulge a little with a coffee break. A caffeine boost from your favorite roaster can help propel you through the last part of the work day. According to Jaryd Terkelsen the Co-Founder at Beforeyouspeak Coffee, “Coffee can give you that boost you need to get through the day. With the added Superfood ingredients it gives you the ability to increase your natural energy and focus, without the crash which is great for those who need to perform at work.”

Take a Cat Nap

Catching a few winks with a short nap at your desk. While it may be difficult to actually sleep at your desk, resting your eyes for a moment can help clear your mind and get yourself ready to focus on the task at hand again. If at all possible a short 10-minute nap can work to provide you enough energy to power through the second half of the work day. You’ll be amazed at how rested you feel.

Stretch It Out

Stretching in place at your desk in the afternoon can help circulate blood flow and allow your brain to focus more intently on your work project. Many stretches can be done while sitting, making it possible to be inconspicuous in your movements while in the office. By stretching your muscles, you will feel more limber after sitting all day and be able to get to 5 p.m. with ease.

Listen To Some Music

Get your juices flowing again by listening to some uplifting music?Rock out to your favorite jam to help reduce stress and give yourself energy picks me up. Music helps the body relax and unwind and can really motivate the listener. Choose a heart pumping beat and get ready for some toe tapping under your desk as you’ll suddenly be full of energy to zoom through your pile of work.

Turn Off the Devices

Allow yourself to take a break from the screen and divert your eyes to something else for a while. Bright screens from computers and digital devices can dash away energy levels, making eyes sore and tired. Give yourself a break every hour and focus on something off the screen to get your brain a break. You’ll feel more refreshed and be able to get to the end of the day without total exhaustion.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

When you have a fitful night’s rest the night before, it can affect your energy level throughout the day while you are at work. Planning for eight hours a night may seem impossible, but if you stick to a schedule, you’ll find your body will respond with friendlier days at work. Allow time to wind down into sleep by taking a warm bath and cutting caffeine in the evening. The better your night’s sleep is, the more energy you’ll have to make it to the end of the work day every day.

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