8 Women Rocking the Israeli Startup Scene

8 Women Rocking the Israeli Startup Scene
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It's no surprise that Israeli companies are rocking the startup scene. The nation is now rated #1 outside the Silicon Valley for startups and is known for their innovative and trendy ideas. In recent years, there has been an increase in the diversity of entrepreneurs with more and more women taking on entrepreneurial challenges. These women are true pioneers in their industries and are sure to leave a substantial mark for future entrepreneurs.

Here are eight women that are rocking the Israeli startup scene.

Orly Izhaki: Co-founder & CEO, Wisestamp

As co-founder and CEO of Wisestamp, a marketing solution platform for small business and self-employed individuals, Orly Izhaki focuses on "simplifying complexity." She is responsible for solving problems and overcoming obstacles that her customers face. Her goal is to help her customers experience rapid business growth by using Wisestamp tools and to continue finding solutions to their ongoing business struggles.

Wisestamp currently has more than 650,000,000 users and continues to grow at rapid rates. Their customers gain access to tools they need to run a successful business without having to pay enterprise business rates.

Angie Geffen: VP of Marketing, CodeFuel

With nearly twenty years of marketing experience behind her, Angie Geffen is a leading marketing expert. As VP of Marketing at CodeFuel, she is responsible for leading and managing marketing initiatives that drive CodeFuel to successfully meet its brand marketing, revenue, and product placement goals. Her executive responsibilities include strategic decision-making, marketing/communication management, brand marketing, partner/channel marketing, and product planning and development.

Code Fuel is an engagement and monetization suite that helps publishers create, distribute, and monetize content. It delivers content to the users at the right times to increase online conversions.

Sari Roth: CEO, Bontact

Israeli ultra-orthodox entrepreneur, Sari Roth, is co-founder of the startup, Bontact, an international communications solution vendor for businesses. She is responsible for leading Bontact in their daily activities and making executive decisions about the company's future. Her drive and ambition took the company from an unknown startup to one of the leading communication companies worldwide.

Sari is solving a growing problem for businesses, a failing customer experience, by providing real-time conversation solutions for businesses' websites. Businesses install the Bontact widget on their website which connects with multiple communication platforms - Livechat, SMS messaging, or e-mail - and the customer gets to choose their communication preference.

Triinu Magi: Co-founder & CTO , Neura

Triinu is one of the pillars of the tech company,
, a leader in the Internet of Things trend. As one of the cofounders, she manages and leads technology ideas, trends and developments as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Her mission is to help lead Neura to deliver trustworthy data about customers by connecting businesses and customers with AI- driven technology.

Neura is focused on unlocking each user's personalized experience with a brand's product. Their customers gain real-time information about their customers' use, experience, and downfalls via artificial intelligence.

Roni Mizrahi: Head of Marketing, Duda

Roni is a marketing expert who is now Head of Marketing at Duda, a responsive website builder solution for businesses serving small businesses. She is responsible for making strategic marketing decisions that drive results, identifying weaknesses and opportunities in the existing marketing strategy, and implementing solutions to fill those gaps. She leads Duda to marketing success with her belief in testing, analyzing, and revamping marketing strategies for better results.

Duda is a leading website development company that increases results with personalization tools and decreases normal development times. Customers can expect continuous access to the most up-to-date website technology.

Yael Wissner-Levy: Director of Strategic Communications, Lemonade, Inc.

Yael Wissner-Levy holds more than ten years of experience in the communication industry. She has written speeches and provided consultation to numerous political leaders and CEOS of multi-billion dollar corporations since 2010. She is now helping to change the face of the insurance industry as the Director of Strategic Communications at Lemonade, the first peer to peer insurance company.

The insurance industry tends to get a bad rap for its high costs and poor customer service. Lemonade, Inc. is a change initiative currently available in New York. Their goal is to make insurance trustworthy and instantly available.

Shelly Hod Moyal & Mor Assia: Founding Partners of IAngels

Shelly and Mor co-founded the Israeli crowdfunding network, iAngels. The powerful duo took iAngels from startup to a top-tier startup investment firm in less than two years. They are responsible for raising capital to fund iAngels, recruiting new investors, and managing a growing team.

iAngels offers entrepreneurs ease in researching and finding funding for their startup. Entrepreneurs can engage and build strong relationships with investors around the globe - and they never have to leave their office.

Orna Berry: Chief Scientist Officer

Dr. Orna Berry was the first woman to serve as Chief Scientist and head of Research & development at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour. She currently serves as the Corporate VP of Innovation for EMC Israeli Center of Excellence. She guides the Center of Excellence to identify and create innovative solutions for their customers.

The EMC promotes entrepreneurship with forward-thinking efforts. They help customers by identifying new trends early and turning it into value for their customers.

These are just some of the women rocking the burgeoning Israeli tech scene. Old prejudices and presumptions clearly have no place in Israel's egalitarian startup ecosystem, and the country shines brightly as a beacon of gender equality in a region where women are denied education and even basic human rights. Hopefully, the example set by Israel will help women all around the world.

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