8-Year-Old Girl Drives Car 60 MPH On Snowy, Icy Road In Russia As Dad Tells Her To Go Faster (VIDEO)

Eight-year-old Karina is so short she has to press on a wiper fluid jug to reach the gas pedal, but a YouTube video flagged by the BBC shows that's no obstacle for the Russian youngster who barrels down a snowy, icy road at 60 mph, as she's egged on by her father to go faster.

According to narration provided by the BBC, the dad boasts that he'll post the video on YouTube, and his wife, who's in the backseat, eventually follows up on the promise.

But the harsh reaction to the footage, in which Karina declares in Russian, "I'm a kid of 8 years old and I can drive!" has landed the adults in trouble with the authorities.

An article in the New York Daily News identified the dad as Dmitry Mihulchik of St. Petersburg. The outlet also noted that none of the passengers were wearing a seatbelt.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't the first instance of debatable judgment by parents with their automobiles. For example, this footage of a toddler taking the wheel in a grownup's lap starts out innocently enough but takes a harrowing turn.

And in 2010, parents from Quebec faced an investigation after video of their 7-year-old son driving with the entire family unrestrained circulated.



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