Someone Anonymously Slipped $8,000 Into An Animal Shelter’s Donation Box

There are good people in this world!

An animal shelter in California is feeling quite paws-perous after a generous donation.

On Sept. 21, someone mysteriously dropped $8,000 into a Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA’s donation box, according to a post on the organization’s Facebook page.

“This was a wonderful surprise. The donation is going to really help us,” a spokesperson for the facility told the Pasadena Star News, a local news source.

The shelter told the outlet that staff noticed a new and large pile of crisp $20 bills appear around 11 a.m., which added up to a whopping $8,000.

No one saw or knows who dropped the wonderful wad of cash into the box, however.

But, the shelter, which told The Dodo that it cares for 12,000 animals a year, is grateful for the incredible act of kindness. A spokesperson told the site:

“Whoever you are, thank you so much for your generosity. Your donation will go towards all the animals in our care.”

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