'80s Local News Intro Is Just So, So Good (VIDEO)


Local news. It makes us laugh. It makes us cry. It lets us know that Patsy the 107-year-old turtle is finally being honored with a key to the city.

But for the moment, forget everything you know about local newscasts, because the team at TV 6 News Update is about to cast a spell on you.

While pursuing an impromptu late-night YouTube search for the term "80s local news," we stumbled upon this absolutely mind-blowing introduction to a 1980s news broadcast.

That marvelous soundtrack. Those intrepid reporters who just won't quit. That house fire!

It's time to let TV 6 show you how it's done.

Watch the video above via YouTube/Bismarck izzle.

Have any idea where or when this video came from? Want to share how this video changed your life? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE [1:37 p.m. ET] - Multiple commenters have written that this video comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's channel 6, which is now a local Fox affiliate. We have reached out to the station for confirmation, and we eagerly await their response (because this video is awesome, and they should be super proud of it).

UPDATE 2 [2:12 p.m. ET] - Cary Docter, Senior Online Producer at WITI-TV, FOX6 Milwaukee, confirmed to HuffPost that this video came from their station when it was known as TV-6.

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