Hilarious Video Compares Moms On Halloween In 1988 And 2018

This video from Meredith Masony and Tiffany Jenkins is too real.

A hilarious viral video is highlighting the difference between parenting on Halloween in the 1980s and in 2018.

Meredith Masony of “That’s Inappropriate” teamed up with Tiffany Jenkins of “Juggling the Jenkins” to create “1980′s Mom Vs 2018 Mom Halloween Edition.”

The too-real video compares a no-fuss mom of the ’80s with a Pinterest-loving, highly protective mom of 2018. For example:

Mom of the ’80s: “Alright guys, I got you pillowcases. Go head on over to the rich end of the neighborhood. If their lights are off, bang harder. I know they’re home.”

Mom of 2018: “OK, children, I hand-crafted these collection baskets for your candy tonight. I learned how to do it from a nun in the hills of India.”

The video has reached nearly 40,000 views on YouTube and more than 5 million views on Facebook. Watch it above.

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