89-Year-Old's Stand-Up Comedy Debut Is Hysterical

Best grandpa jokes EVER.

Just because you've gotten older, doesn't mean you can't have fun -- and that's what 89-year-old Chuck Esterly set out to prove as he hit the stage for his recent stand-up comedy debut at a Cincinnati comedy club

Pushing 90, Esterly took advantage of his age, referring to all of the classic "old age" stereotypes in one knee-slapping-good comedy routine. Death, sex, and er -- problems with the latter, were just some of the things Esterly poked fun at.

"The manager, he wished me well and he said 'Don't die up there,'" Esterly opened. "I hope he was talking about my jokes."

Both the crowd -- and the Internet -- were clearly taken with the charming senior. The video of his routine has already gotten over 365,000 views since it was posted in mid-October by comedian Mark Chalifoux. 

Chalifoux told The Huffington Post that Esterly first got into stand-up when the local senior center asked him and a few other comedians to do a comedy class with the seniors. 

"There aren't too many brand new life experiences you can have at that age --- so to not only do it -- it's something that would be scary for a lot of people -- but he completely crushed it," Chalifoux said. "Everyone in the club loved him even though it was a younger crowd. There was a line of people after the show who wanted to shake his hand."

Esterly's self-deprecating humor included jokes about the "gorgeous young widow next door," pranking his family with his last words and our favorite -- spending $150 on an eBay penis enlarger. 

We can't wait to hear more of his jokes. Just goes to show, you're never too old to try something new. 

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