9-11 Survivors: Stories Of Miraculous Escape (PHOTOS)

7 Stories Of Miraculous Escape From 9-11 Survivors

The words 9/11 and Good News don't really go together.

But as the country commemorates the eleventh anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, we decided to look for those few tales of positivity and hope that emerged in the aftermath of the event.


These are stories of men and women who escaped the twin towers under seemingly impossible circumstances: surfing down 15 stories of debris, being pulled from beneath a collapsing building, crossing a three-story deep chasm of metal.

These lucky few then went on to make a tremendous impact in their communities and in the lives of fellow trauma survivors -- they volunteered, told their stories and proudly and boldly displayed their battle scars.

Take a look.

Sujo John

Stories of 9/11 Survivors

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