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9 Adorable Pets Who Can Teach Us How To Win At Life

When we're asked to name the most inspirational people in our lives, we often lean on the obvious choices: mom, grandpa, our favorite professor, Tina Fey.

But with all the attention we give to our favorite people, we shouldn't forget the friends who keep all of our secrets, follow us wherever we go, and take our side in every argument: our pets.

We've partnered with PetSmart to bring you a list of nine major life lessons inspired by our furry friends.

"Can't stop, won't stop" is a perfectly good life motto.
Our pets don't sit around moping and whining when they have a little setback. They keep on truckin' as if nothing ever happened.
You're only small if you think small.
When you're engaged in a David-and-Goliath-type battle, don't underestimate your strength. After all, this cat proves that small can be mighty, and much can be conveyed in a simple gesture.
Dive in and don’t look back.
This dog doesn't have hang-ups about taking a chance, and neither should you.
Always take the time to treat yourself. Also: Burritos are delicious.
Image via Imgur
If this hamster can sit down and have a civilized meal, you have no excuse to eat your lunch standing up.
Love like you mean it.
You can never be too close with your loved ones. According to some studies,
Remember what's important.
This dog is ready to play at 5:01 and no later. He does not have the ability to check his work email and has little tolerance for being antisocial. Make like a dog, and get outside and play.
Enjoy life's simple little pleasures.
Life's short, and we should all try to revel in the little things, like these ferrets who found joy in a box of packing peanuts.
Do unto others, especially if it involves a meow-ssage.
This cat clearly knows how to treat others with kindness. How often do you selflessly give to others?
Never, ever give up.
We deeply admire this cat's persistence. If at first you don't succeed, try 17 more times. We know you'll make it in the end.