9 Baltimore Restaurants You Need to Visit From <i>Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives</i>

Though Guy Fieri features behemoth creations from all across the country, there are certain cities for which he seems to have an affinity. Baltimore is definitely one of them.
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Ah Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the program that showcases some of the most ridiculous and delicious eateries in America. Though Guy Fieri features behemoth creations from all across the country, there are certain cities for which he seems to have an affinity. Baltimore is definitely one of them.

Fieri visits Baltimore so often that he's even dedicated an entire episode to Charm City bites. The list of joints he has visited in the area may seem endless, but lucky for you I've compiled a list of all 17 spots from the show. You're welcome.

Note: Each asterisk (*) denotes an appearance on DDD.

1. Blue Moon Cafe***

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Claim to fame: Captain Crunch French toast, red velvet pancakes, chile verde, Frito pie French toast

I think the above-mentioned dishes speak for themselves. All I will add is that it's open 24 hours on weekends. And for those who dread the long lines for these crazy creations: a second location will be opening this summer in Federal Hill.

Photo by Emily Hu

Claim to fame: Philly cheesecake pizza, mac and cheese pizza, vegan cheese pizza

This little joint in Fells packs a lot of flavor into every pie. I guarantee there is a pizza here for everyone, even vegans.

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Claim to fame: Hungarian goulash, potato crusted salmon, shrimp creole

Big portions, lots of options, and open 24 hours. This diner is doing everything right. If you haven't tried goulash, you need to pay a visit to the place serving up the most "goulicious" version of it.

Photo courtesy of Chaps Pit Beef

Claim to fame: The Raven, Chaps Special, Guy's Triple D

Baltimore may be known for its crabs, but Chaps is def a pride and joy of the city. There's not much else to say about it. If you like meat, you should probably go.

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Claim to fame: Bacon-wrapped meatloaf

Clementine's really captures the essence of farm-to-table. Though you can always order their signature dishes, the menu changes daily depending on what's available from its local produce and meat providers. If you're someone who doesn't like to order the same thing twice, you'll probs want to check it out.

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Claim to fame: Arancini, lasagna, mozzarella, Lorenzo di Arabia pizza, "real deal" veal sandwich

The Di Pasquale family must be doing something right, considering this Italian market has been around since 1914. If you're from the New York/New Jersey area, you'll feel as though Arthur Ave. has come to Baltimore. Seriously, though, these are probably the best arancini in Charm City.

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Claim to fame: Linguine Positano, ravioli ai funghi

By now you can tell that we at Spoon U at Hopkins are big fans of Grano. Eat in with your favorite bottle, or take out. We promise it'll always be delish.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy's Famous Seafood

Claim to fame: Crab cake, soft crab sandwich

Another heavy hitter, Jimmy's has been around for over 40 years. It is institutions (and crab cakes) like this that help Baltimore uphold its reputation for amazing seafood.

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Claim to fame: Fried meat ravioli, bacon and clam pizza, flag pizza

Don't be a square, go try this bomb four-cornered pie. The dough, made with imported Italian yeast, is likely to satisfy the most persnickety pizza eaters, and the array of toppings seems endless. If that's not enough for you, the fried ravioli are made completely from scratch.

Original post by Keri Gawlik for Spoon University.