9 Struggles Of Everyone Who Loves To Wear Bangles

Isn't it crazy how some of our favorite fashion items breed the most epic love/hate relationships?

We love stiletto heels, but hate that they kill our feet. We love a sexy strapless dress, but hate having to pull it up every two seconds. We love a cute hat, but hate getting hat hair. And you can definitely add bangles to that list.

There's no doubt that an awesome bangle, or a wrist full of them, has the power to transform a look from meh to amazing. But the tradeoff is that you will inevitably be plagued with a list of annoying issues.

If you love bangles as much as we do, you'll definitely be able to relate to the struggles listed below. Sigh.

1. They make so much noise.

2. It's impossible to type (or do anything) with them on.

3. They get caught on other people's clothes. So awkward.

4. And your own clothes, since all your sweaters have loose threads from your bangles snagging them.

5. If they're cheap, they'll turn your skin green.

6. Trying to coordinate your favorite gold/brass bangles with every outfit is impossible.

7. Someone (usually a guy) ALWAYS makes a comment like: "Why are you wearing so many bracelets?"

8. You can't put on fitted jackets or blazers without having to remove them all first. Ugh.

9. Then that process takes FOREVER!

But at the end of the day, you still look cute!

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