The 9 Biggest Tech Myths You Hear All The Time (But Are Absolutely Untrue)

The 9 Biggest Tech Myths You Should Stop Believing
a unicorn surrounded by magic...
a unicorn surrounded by magic...

In the tech world, as in just about any other sphere, there are certain myths, campfire stories and old wives' tales that get passed down and repeated until they transform themselves into indestructible kernels of well-worn wisdom. You know the type of "facts" I'm talking about: You can't quite remember the source, but you "heard it on TV" or "read it on the Internet" or "one of your friends told you" it was true, or else it seems so obvious, and you've known it for so long, that it must be accurate.

And then YOU tell YOUR friends, and the myth rolls on, forever and ever, into the future.

Here, we're going to examine and disprove 9 of the biggest whoppers in tech -- the lies, misunderstandings, fables, and folk tales that we hear over and over again but are simply not true. Hopefully, with a little bit of education, we can start to put an end to some of these persistent tech myths and make the world a little less misinformed.

Let's do some debunking, shall we? Away we go!

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