15 Bomb-Ass Swimwear Lines Designed By Black Women

Get into this summer's hottest swimsuits.

Fantastic news: Summer is right around the corner!

If you’re lucky, that means a slew of pool party invites, vacation plans or maybe even lazy evenings in a jacuzzi while sipping on a mojito. Perhaps, even a watergun fight, too?

Regardless of your summer agenda, you probably want to look fly and fabulous while soaking up the sun. So why not plan your slayage early and support a black-owned business at the same damn time?

We’ve rounded up nine of this summer’s most stylish swimwear lines owned by black women that will have your homegirls asking where you found your suit.

Heat things up this summer with a swimsuit from one of these bomb-ass designers.

Andrea Iyamah Swim
Andrea Iyamah Swimwear is begging for you to frolic beachside in its vibrant prints and elegant designs.

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Blogger GabiFresh helped redefine the idea of being "bikini-ready" with this body-positive line. Ranging from sizes 12 to 24, these swimsuits are bold, sexy and fabulous.

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Asherah Swimwear
Created by model Cheryl Jones, Asherah Swimwear has the confident and artful pieces your vacation deserves. Become the Goddess of the Sea in one of these gorgeous suits.

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Olori Swim

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This line creates unique, handmade swimsuits with Kente, Ankara and dashiki fabrics. Olori Swim, formerly Red Star Collection, is perfect for embracing your inner queen.

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Mint Swim

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Created by reality star Draya Michelle, Mint Swim's sophisticated suits are modern, sexy and stylish. It's perfect for tapping into your inner-Instagram model while on vacay.

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Allusions by A.Lekay Swimwear
Specializing in high-waisted swimwear, Altrichia Cook created this line because she wanted to cover up her stomach after giving birth to her first child. But don't mistake this line as something that's exclusively for moms because it's for any woman looking to feel confident and empowered, Cooks told Cosmopolitan. Even Nicki Minaj sported this swimwear last year.

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Rue 107

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Founded by New York City designer Marie Jean-Baptiste, Rue 107 creates bright, fun suits with more than enough personality to turn heads at the beach.

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NAKIMULI swimwear is full of spunk and attitude. The beautiful designs are guaranteed to command any pool party.

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Monif C
Monif C is a plus-sized shop based in New York. Its swimwear line, Sea by Monif C, comes in a variety of gorgeous one-piece and two-piece sets.

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BFyne Swimwear

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Created by Nigerian designer Bukola Adeyer, BFyne is a head-turning swim line unique for their creatively edgy cut-outs. Confidently rock their bold swimsuits at the beach or poolside.

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Ashanti Swimwear
This swimwear line was created by a Ghanaian family who's youngest member, Yasmeen, noticed the African print swimsuits she saw on models weren't widely accessible. So she went into business with her older brother, Dexter, to make creative and authentic swimsuits with kente prints and African symbols that originate from the ancient royal kingdom of the Ashanti.

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Diarrablu Swim

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Senegalese fashion Designer Diarra Bousso combined her academic background in mathematics with fashion to create her new swimwear line, Infinity. "I wanted to highlight Senegalese sartorialism through the celebration of our traditional tie-dyed fabrics, also called 'thioub' and generally worn as boubous, while still being practical and relevant for the modern consumer who wants to look regal while enjoying her day at the beach," Bousso said in a statement.

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Destination Swimwear
Racquel Simone founded Destination Swimwear with the wanderlusting woman in mind. Inspired by her travels, Simone's designs are customized to perfectly fit your future vacation plans.

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Founded by Tehilah Abakasanga in 2015, Ofuure celebrates Nigerian culture with bold and vibrant African prints.

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Avid Swim

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Avid Swim, founded by Gionna Nicole, uses unique cut-outs and bold colors and prints to create some stunningly sexy pieces. The line has also appeared on the New York Fashion Week runways.

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