9 Cant-Miss Book Club Picks for February

Originally published on Kirkus.
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Profile of a young woman reading a book wearing glasses
Profile of a young woman reading a book wearing glasses

Originally published on Kirkus. For more from Kirkus, click here.

'13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl' by Mona Awad
"Beautifully constructed; a devastating novel but also a deeply empathetic one."A young woman navigates uneasy relationships with herself, her weight, and the world in Awad’s painfully raw—and bitingly funny—debut.Read full book review.
'The Firebrand and the First Lady' by Patricia Bell-Scott
"A fresh look at Eleanor Roosevelt and a fascinating exploration of a cherished, mutually beneficial friendship."A significant new exploration of the enormously important friendship between two activist crusaders in advancing the cause of civil rights for blacks and women.Read full book review.
'I'm Glad About You' by Theresa Rebeck
"The snappy dialogue and plot you’d expect from a veteran dramatist plus the rich exploration of character that novels are made for."A rare honest story about love, ambition, and compromise.Read full book review.
'Interior Darkness' by Peter Straub
"Dark, brooding fiction from a master of the form. And take our word for it: don’t go up to the attic, even if it is just a junk room."“Did I say he was dead? What I said was, he is…gone.” Welcome to an odd world in which the dead never quite go away, and the living are—well, not quite there.Read full book review.
'My Father, the Pornographer' by Chris Offutt
"Though his relationship with his father was distant, melancholic, and precarious, Offutt quite movingly weaves his personal history into a fascinating tapestry of a compulsive writer with a knack for the naughty."A fond memoir of life with a prolific writer of science fiction and pornography.Read full book review.
'Ways to Disappear' by Idra Novey
"Delightful and original."A famous novelist’s disappearance upends the life of her American translator.Read full book review.
'Why We Came to the City' by Kristopher Jansma
"This story is sad and sometimes overly sentimental, but Jansma’s narrative shines when he moves away from the collective experience and focuses on the lasting impact of individual moments."From the author of The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards (2013), a deeply emotional ode to friendship—to the people who make you feel alive and who you follow without question and to the bonds that endure, even if only in memory.Read full book review.
'A Friend of Mr. Lincoln' by Stephen Harrigan
"A narrative that presents keen insights into Lincoln’s complex personality."A novel that concentrates on Lincoln’s early years in Illinois, from his friendship with the (fictional) poet Cage Weatherby to his (altogether too real) relationship with Mary Todd.Read full book review.
'The Coyote's Bicycle' by Kimball Taylor
"Intriguing but occasionally rambling reading."A journalist explores how “several thousand bikes…made an incredible journey” across the border between Mexico and the United States.Read full book review.
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