4 Excuses to Get Out of Class (That Actually Work)


You wake up with the hangover from hell, have nothing to wear, didn't do the homework or just can't muster up the energy to get out of bed. You pray that you've accrued enough good karma that you'll get a last-minute email from your professor saying class has been cancelled or better yet, a PSA that Mondays have been permanently revoked from life. When neither happen, you desperately need to think on your toes to come up with a creative excuse. Instead of fibbing about vague family emergencies or your dog feasting on your term paper, here are nine excuses to keep in your arsenal to ensure you won't get caught in a lie.

1. Bad Apple


Tell your professor you got food poisoning. You puke all over your bathroom for 24 hours and you come in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next day, even though you just wrote an Adderall-induced essay in one sitting. You can really only use this one once, so don't make it a habit.

2. Disorder in the Court


Let your professor know that you're scheduled for jury duty. They can't argue with the law. Tread lightly, however, if your prof is the type to ask for proof.

3. Take Care of Business


Simply tell your professor that you've been in the bathroom all morning. No one wants to hear the details on your diarrhea, so they likely won't pry any further. This is a go-to excuse for those who don't mind putting your BMs on blast.

4. Go Nuts


Claim that you accidentally ate some peanuts and you're having an allergic reaction. No one's going to make you come to class if you're breaking out in hives. The best part -- you don't need a doctor's note.