9 Kim Jong Il Parodies: Was North Korean Dictator Known Best From 'Team America'? (VIDEOS)

By all accounts, the life of Kim Jong Il was as mysterious as his death. The enigmatic ruler of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea led a secluded life highly guarded by the state media, and nearly everything about his personal life (including his age) was the subject of speculation throughout his 17 years as dictator.

Often, this speculation was fueled by the diminutive dictator's odd interests and appearance. With his pompadour hairstyle and 5'2" frame propped on platform shoes, Kim's eccentric appearance made him an easy target for parody. And Kim's strange list of interests, including a passion for James Bond, Hennessey cognac, car racing and Eric Clapton, gave comedians a lot more to work with as they parodied the dictator on late night TV, sketch comedy shows, in film and more.

Starting with the definitive puppet-parody from "Team America: World Police," we've included 9 of the funniest Kim Jong Il parodies. Which is your favorite?