9 Lessons From Our Grandparents On Living Stylishly (PHOTOS)

9 Lessons From Our Grandparents On Living Stylishly
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Our lives are far more boring than those of our grandparents. We might enjoy unparalleled access to technology (and everyone's ramblings), but they had far more style. Grandma and Grandpa didn't need an Instagram filter to make them look good -- they had this little thing called life. You might have heard of it.

You don't have to live and breathe all things vintage to appreciate the photos from eras past. People, back then, had it easier when it came to matters of style. (Except in the late '70s and the '80s. They just had more "personality.") Clothes were made better. Housing was affordable. People regularly went out to go dancing. But that's the tip of the glamourous iceberg. Here are a few more lessons our grandparents can teach us on living with maximum style.

Take A Damn Vacation
It seemed like everyone took vacations regularly back in our grandparents' days. Life is too short to toil away, hunched over a screen, forgetting to take time off to unwind.
...Lots Of Vacations
Flickr photo via southbeachcars
Hell, even a weekend trip with your friends. Live a little.
Travel Should Be Fun
Flickr photo via x-ray delta one
You're flying. Through the air. In a giant plane. While the comfort factor has since diminished since the golden age of flight, we should treat travel as an opportunity rather than a burden.
One Great Picture Is Worth More Than Hundreds
Flickr photo via peagreengirl
This little girl could pose like a pro. That said, the reason why so many older photos look so great is that people were more selective in what they displayed. We don't need hundreds of slightly-blurry pictures clogging up laptops, never to see the light of day.
Forget Decor Trends
Your house should feel like a home, first and foremost. Forget pouting over stainless steel and granite because it'll add future "resale value." Instead, create a comfortable space that you'd love returning to every night. Also, McMansions stink. The average home size has more than doubled than the 1950s, but we're no happier for it.
Dress For Every Occasion, Even Selfies
Somehow a selfie is less obnoxious when taken with a proper camera, too.
A Commute Isn't A Free Pass For Rudeness
Too many people use the excuse of a commute to act like barbarians. Rudeness doesn't get you to your destination any faster. Just relax. Read. (Also, we need more funding for railroads.)
Have People Over Once In A While
You don't need to dress up like enchanted wedding cakes, but we've forgotten our sense of occasion when it comes to entertaining guests. Earlier generations would dress up and have regular cocktail parties at home. Now, "dressing up" means "changing out of pajama pants into workout pants." Also, it seemed like everyone in my grandparents' generation knew their neighbors. Today? Not so much.
Write A Letter. Please.
The most provocative thing you can do these days is to write someone a letter. Saving an email isn't the same as saving a written letter or card.
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