9 Little Things Grown-Ass Women Wish Men Knew About Dating

Let's face it. We women are sometimes hard to please (and even harder to read) even when we don't mean to be that way all the time. This is why you guys can't just wing our date night (or nights, for that matter) with your oozing sex appeal and good looks. You've got to have an impressive set of Mr. Nice Guy's conduct and an amazing grasp of our language, too. We know we can be a bit complicated (it's just who we are) so in an effort to make things easy for you, here are nine things we think you should know if you're serious in embarking in this crazy world of dating with us.

1. Do your homework.

Just like how you never go to a job interview unprepared, it's the same thing with our first date. You've got to arrive ready with information about us and how you can use it to your advantage. This is the only time we won't take stalking us on Facebook against you.

2. Your time is as valuable as ours.

Unless your reason about arriving late to our meeting place is a life and death matter, then you don't have any business not coming on time. When you do, you make us think that you don't value our time and that's not going to leave us impressed.

3. We're suckers for romance.

Okay, maybe not all of us but almost always, we are going to expect that you'll arrive not only armed with your amazing sense of humor but also with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

4. We'd love surprises from you.

It can be as grand as an international trip to Fiji or as simple as a just because gift. Whichever it is, we will appreciate your efforts and thoughts of making us happy and we'll gladly do the same for you.

5. Keep it real.

We didn't exert so much effort to look our best for our first date to only connect with a persona you played. We're dying to know the real you that's why we turned up in the first place so don't fake it by being someone else you're not.

6. Tell us what you want.

Yes, we admit we're guilty of making you read our minds for long. But now that we're both grown-ass, let's not play games anymore. Let's lay our cards (and eventually our hearts) on the table.

7. And we'll tell you what we want.

Instead of guessing and missing the mark, you'll be better off asking us about what you're dying to know about us. Just keep it light if we just started dating so you don't get us either amused by your lack of subtlety or confused by your intentions.

8. Take it slow.

We appreciate that you're so into us even if we've just started seeing each other. However, rushing things and forcing us to commit when we're not yet ready so you can get us in your bed is going to backfire at you (and when it does, you'll surely be burned). Don't say we didn't warn you.

9. Going Dutch is awesome.

Yes, your total net worth may be millions of dollars but that doesn't mean you should automatically pay for every single date we have. We're capable of shelling out on a part of the bill, too (and we'd actually prefer it that way, at least on the first couple of dates). This way, we don't feel like you're buying our affection (because if that's what you're trying to do, it's totally uncool).