9 Mompreneur Must Haves

There are luxuries I occasionally reach for to help smooth out life’s wrinkles—maybe an indulgent glass of wine or a spontaneous adults-only get-away—but as a business owner and a mom of three, my real sanity savers are the tried-and-true finds I rely on to keep me productive and prepared, everyday. Here are my top picks, including accessible wellness, a thought-provoking news source, functional fashion, and killer kid finds. Like UrbanSitter, they have become my mom must-haves.

A ‘No Excuses’ App

Gixo (http://gixo.com), simply put, gives me a workout—as in live classes with real trainers—whenever and wherever I can squeeze one into my day. Classes include strength and cardio options that range from quick 15 minute to 40-minute routines. Since my schedule is rarely flexible, I need fitness that is available when I am. The convenience offered by Gixo, a company co-founded by an inspiring woman who gets what we need, helps me keep fit, giving me the energy I need to nurture my family, my business and myself.

News That’s Entertaining

Pod Save America Podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pod-save-america/id1192761536?mt=2) is an often sarcastic, smart podcast led by four former aides to President Obama. It’s a go-to for news and entertainment while traveling or commuting. I find that it keeps me feeling young and current, and provides me with insights I may have otherwise missed. It’s refreshing to balance my working mom scale with provocative news and politics, and nice to have some fodder to share when socializing.

A Local Buzz

As a fairly native San Franciscoan (I’ve spent most of my adult life in the Bay Area), I’ve come to truly appreciate coffee culture. Like many urbanites, I’ll happily catch-up over coffee and move a staff or networking meeting to a nearby café anytime. San Francisco has no shortage of local coffee haunts, including one of my favorites, Sightglass Coffee (https://twitter.com/Sightglass). I’m a regular at several of its locations and kiosks around the city and will gladly take a detour to grab a cappuccino.

Simple Shopping for Kids

I like to support women with missions I can relate to, especially those aimed at simplifying parenting. The creators of Primary (https://www.primary.com)

have done just that by creating classic, fuss-free kids clothes that look good, last and don’t cost a small fortune. Their website makes it super quick and easy to shop for clothes that are dress code and kid-approved. Need I say more?

Keep-it-Together Carryall

We all wear many hats, but who has time to juggle more than one BAG?! This carryall from Cuyana (https://www.cuyana.com/le-sud-overnight.html#black-black) not only keeps me looking polished, it literally holds my life together. From diaper bag to work tote to travel carry-on, it’s been a one-size-fits-all purchase that keeps me prepared no matter the destination.

Get-Out-the-Door Quick Fix

You don’t have to be a mom to appreciate the truly life-changing powers of dry shampoo. My favorite is Detox Dry Shampoo by drybar

(https://www.sephora.com/product/detox-dry-shampoo-P378169). Super absorbent the brunette version does double duty as a cover-up for greys, buying me an extra week between color appointments. What’s just as nice, it smells like I’ve just stepped out of the shower… even when I’ve snuck in a yoga class or stole a few extra minutes of snuggling with my boys before heading out the door. It’s a mom arsenal must-have.

Manageable Lunch Packing

Packing (three) kids’ lunches was a daily task I dreaded until I found these bento-style lunchboxes by Omie (http://omielife.com). Their ingenious design makes it quick and easy to assemble healthy lunches without the hassle of relying on (and remembering!) extra containers, utensils or even a bag. They keep everything from soup to sushi securely contained—hot or cold—so my kids love them as much as I do.

A Daily Dose of Youth

To fend off the onslaught of back to school germs, my immune system has come to rely on Goop’s vitamin and supplement regimens. This one, aptly called High School Genes (http://goop.com/wellness/health/high-school-genes/), is especially designed to boost metabolism, level blood sugar, and replace nutrients lost to stress. Rather than requiring me to juggle bottles and jars, the collection is conveniently packaged in daily doses that I toss in my bag or keep in my desk so I have no excuse not to take care of myself.

Creature Comfort

These super comfy lovelies known as Birdie Slippers (https://birdiesslippers.com/) are always at the ready, quite prettily perched near my front door to welcome me home. They come in several styles and colors, though I’m partial to The Wren, a preppy animal print that stands out among my sea of black street shoes. They are anything but frumpy and neutral and polished enough to wear while hosting a dinner party or even on a long flight.

Though hardly necessities, these products have become my daily game-changers and are so good that they’re worth the shout-out!

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