9-Month Old Shot By Father Cleaning Illegal Gun In Brooklyn

A 9-month old girl in New York's Brooklyn was accidentally shot by her father while he was cleaning an illegal, non-registered gun, police said on Saturday.

The father and the mother were taken into custody, with charges pending for the father, WABC reported. The identity of the 47-year-old father had not been released.

The baby girl was shot in the abdomen on Saturday afternoon at an apartment on Sutter Avenue, and was taken to the hospital, WPIX reported. The baby was to undergo surgery Saturday night, and was in stable condition, according to WABC.

Police said the father was cleaning an illegal, non-registered colt 45 in the apartment when it accidentally discharged. The father had been charged with possession of an illegal weapon in the past, police told WNBC.

Last week, a 9-year-old girl in Newark was wounded when her 12-year-old brother accidentally shot her while playing with a loaded handgun found in the home.