9 Most Misleading Food Labels (PHOTOS)

We believe in helping consumers make good choices about what they are eating, for themselves and the environment. Unfortunately, many food companies use labels that have little or no meaning to obscure the truth about what's ACTUALLY in our food.

People are drawn to terms like "All Natural" and "Made With Whole Grains." "Natural" labeled food generated $22.3 billion in 2008, up 10% from 2007, and 54% of all cereals are now labeled "whole grain," including plenty processed, sugary ones.

The Center For Science in the Public Interest recently released a 158-page report, "Food Labeling Chaos", detailing the misinformation prevalent in the food industry. While the report has prompted the FDA to crack down on some of the specific products mentioned, many more go unnoticed and unregulated.

Since we're strong believers in taking the veil off processed foods, we've put together 9 of the most misleading food labels to help you safely navigate the grocery aisles. For further information, please see the CSPI's report.