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9 Mouthwatering Meat Meccas Around the World

From Japan, where you'll find the most delicate cuts of, to the Mediterranean, home of the hearty roasts, these destinations and their smoky specialties are sure to make meat-lovers' mouths water.
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Well, grilling season is in full swing and from the pit barbecues of the Texas Hill Country to the smokehouses of the Carolinas, Americans of every stripe are firing up the coals and enjoying one of the country's most cherished summer traditions. The combination of fresh meat and fire is, however, a universal pastime, one that is as varied as it is relished, and found in almost every corner of the world.

We've poured through the experiences of thousands of travelers on minube to find their recommendations for the meat Meccas of the world and places that globetrotting carnivores can really sink their teeth into. From Japan, where you'll find the most delicate cuts of, to the Mediterranean, home of the hearty roasts, these destinations and their smoky specialties are sure to make meat-lovers' mouths water.


Takayama, Japan - While Japan is known among meat-lovers for its prized (and often controversial) Kobe variety of beef, beef connoisseurs know that the real gold lies in in town of Takayama in Gifu prefecture, exclusive home of the amazing Hida beef. This high-end, pricey meat is light pink and marvelously marbled, and curious carnivores can grill it themselves at local restaurants where they're provided with table-side charcoal grills, veggies, regional sauces, and plenty of sake. (Photo by Sergio Carbaio)

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Sardinia, Italy - Sardinia is known, above all, for being a popular summer retreat for both Italian and international travelers who're drawn by its turquoise waters and stunning coastline. In the island's interior, though, travelers will find one of the area's oldest and most succulent culinary traditions: Su Porcheddu. These days, it's not uncommon to see these suckling pigs cooked on a gas grill, but venture into the villages and you're sure to find them done the traditional way: roasted whole, either buried in the ground or on a spit over an open flame, and served in their own juices. (Photo by Naxos)

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The Pampas, Argentina - Perhaps nowhere on Earth is grilled meat such an integral part of the culture than in Argentina, one of the world's leading meat producers and home to some of the world's most jaw-droppingly extravagant barbecues. During local and regional festivities, whole racks of beef ribs and lamb are skewered alongside lengthy pits of smoky embers (in a few notable cases, these roasts can be upwards of a mile long) and slow-roasted to perfection. (Photo by Marimag)

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Nairobi, Kenya - Kenya is Africa's captial for all things meat and its national dish is undoubtedly nyama choma, Swahili for grilled meat. One of the most famous and, of course, most visited establishments in the country is the legendary Carnivore restaurant, a sprawling open-air grillhouse serving basics like pork, beef, and chicken as well as more exotic game like crocodile, wild boar, and camel. (Photo by Tania)

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Xian, China - If you like to take your time and sample every cut under the sun, there's no better place than the streets of Xian. This Silk Road metropolis founded over three millennia ago is home to a vibrant mix of cultures, but meat fanatics will be undoubtedly drawn to the impromptu grills and food stalls in the city's Muslim neighborhood. In this decidedly non-touristy area, you can try kebab-style roasts of everything from beef to lamb and offal, garnished with the wide variety of spices and sauces that you'd expect from this East Asian cultural crossroads. (Photo by David Esteban)

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Segovia, Spain - As far as soul-satisfying meat goes, you could pretty much include all of central Spain, a region famous for its enormous, tasty roasts. While leg of lamb and the massive ribeyes found in Ávila are worth the visit alone, the region's star dish is definitely the whole-roasted suckling pig, or cochinillo, found in the charming medieval city of Segovia. These roasts are not fussed with, typically seasoned with only a few sprigs of thyme and a splash of white wine, and are traditionally cut tableside with a plate to prove their melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. (Photo by Ali Pedre)

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Montevideo, Uruguay - Not to be outdone by neighboring Argentina, Uruguay has a time-honored grilling tradition of its own. While Uruguay's famous asados (extensive mixed grills featuring a variety of cuts slow-roasted over fire) are typically a social event among friends, the country has hundreds of asado restaurants for those just passing through. Beef, especially short ribs, is the order of the day (although offal and a variety of local sausages are also popular) and is served minimally with a sprinkle of rock salt, a simple salad, and perhaps a glass of local Tannat wine. (Photo by Isabel de la Granja)

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Porto Alegre, Brazil - Brazil's southern gaúcho culture blossomed on the region's open plains and historically enjoyed a meat-heavy diet, a tradition which is continued in the form of churrasco, a popular form of eating that involves (what else?) a dazzling variety of top-grade meats skewered and cooked slow over an open flame. While the tradition has understandably spread throughout Brazil and even internationally, grill aficionados looking for the most authentic churrasco should head to friendly lakeside city of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, the region which started it all. (Photo by Anna Martinelli)

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Prague, Czech Republic - The Czech Republic and it's elegant capital, Prague, are increasingly popular among American travelers, a fact which gives meat-addicts a chance to try out the city's humble, yet deliciously meaty tavern fare. The smoky sausage Klobása is of course a staple, but roaming carnivores should also sink their teeth into the oh-so-tender roast pork dishes, stuffed and skewered cutlets, and a variety of roast game like boar and venison. (Photo by Pedro Jareño)

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