9 Of The Best Efforts To Green The Music Industry (PHOTOS)

Music is naturally an energy-intensive industry. Add a tour to the mix, and you've got a Godzilla-sized carbon footprint. A recent study mapped the greenhouse gas emissions of the UK music industry, which was the first study to look at how big of an impact music has on the environment. It found that each year, the UK music industry is responsible for about 540,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. It also broke down the emissions, calculating that audience travel accounts for 43%, live venue music events account for 23%, and music recording and publishing account for 26%.

Some are now heeding the call to take their massive environmental impact seriously, with efforts being taken on the part of organizations, festivals, and individuals. We've compiled some bands and organizations that do everything from run their buses on biodiesel to offseting their carbon emissions, while urging their fans to make equally conscious choices. Take a look, and vote for your favorite green effort.

Greening The Music Industry