9 Oral Sex Tips For All Types Of Oral Sex Lovers

For those who've never had oral sex to those who are obsessed.

Whether you're not sure what the best technique for oral sex is or you're just looking for a new way to do it, it's time to switch up your game for even more orgasms.

"Oral sex is deeply intimate and despite being extremely common, it maintains a degree of edginess that makes it intensely hot," says sexologist and author Jessica O’Reilly of The New Sex Bible. "When you crawl between your lover’s legs, they leave their most intimate parts exposed; simultaneously, however, they hold a position to look down upon you as you offer the service of pleasure."

O’Reilly says some research suggest women are more likely to reach orgasms when oral sex is part of the equation and for men, this is one of their top fantasies. One study found young Canadians in particular both like to give and receive.

However, among young heterosexual couples interviewed for the study, more women (59 per cent) than men (52 per cent) reported giving oral sex to their partners.

And O’Reilly says it's all about taking turns. "Don’t look at it as a compromise, but as a way of expressing your love and desire for your partner. Even if you don’t derive direct physical pleasure from a particular sex act, with an open mind, you may be surprised by your subjective experience of pleasure."

In return, you could be turned on by your own partner's pleasure, she adds.

Below, O’Reilly gives us tips on how to have the best oral sex, depending on how comfortable you are with it. Whether you've never given a blow job or are looking for new ways to receive satisfaction through the clitoris, check out these tips below. Oh and O’Reilly's number one tip? Keep some lube handy.

Oral Sex Tips For Three Types Of People

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