9 Reasons to Stop Chasing After a Crush

That iPhone text bubble is your worst nightmare as well as your best friend. You think you're playing the game, but they're just playing with your heart.
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So, you have a crush. It makes you as crazy as it makes you happy. One moment, you think all hope is lost, and then there's that one text message that means it's back on. You scheme and you plot (because we all do it) on how to play the game.

You vent about hating the game, but we all know that if we were truly as forward as we'd like to be, then it'd seem far crazier than our hidden agendas. So, we pretend and we overanalyze everything. Absolutely everything. From punctuation marks to the time it takes to respond, it all means something to us when, in all likelihood, it meant nothing at all.

Chasing someone that may not be pursuing you gets you nowhere except running circles around your own heart. Chasing someone only makes you lose your own breath while they keep theirs. We try to find a silver lining in every flirty comment, but the truest truth is that if someone is into you, you'll just know.

When you meet the right person, you won't need to run after them, because you'll both want to walk together the moment you see eye-to-eye. Your worlds will change and the only direction left to go will be forward, holding hands.

Otherwise, you wind up wasting time conspiring on how to make someone fall for you. You're forgetting that the right person will fall for you without you even having to try.

You start to forget about the people who are not in your life just temporarily, and you miss out on treasured memories with them while trying to force forgettable memories with infatuation.

You begin to offer your heart to someone who doesn't deserve you. The one who does will woo you, court you and kill to be with you... because what would life be without you?

You waste your energy on something that is simply fleeting. In its place, you should spend your time focusing on your date with destiny rather than your date with the flavor of the week.

You start to forget the things that were and are important to you. You dreamed of something different and hoped for something better, but you're settling for 2 a.m. phone calls.

You are making yourself insane. That iPhone text bubble is your worst nightmare as well as your best friend. You think you're playing the game, but they're just playing with your heart.

You are chasing a human being instead of just letting life happen. So, stop analyzing every drunken text message and let fate takeover. Let the real moment come that needs no explanation because it is the explanation.

Having a crush can be fun, but it can also be straight-up exhausting. Every time your phone goes off, you're praying that it's them. When it is, you get that goofy look on your face that won't go away.

When it isn't, you sulk for an hour and read articles like this. Then when time goes on and there's no text and you were the last one to say something, it's literally torture to know you cannot/should not/society says do not send a second text to an unanswered one. But you do anyways. It probably fails and you go back to sulking until they like your Instagram picture -- then it's back on again.

The fact of the matter is, though, you shouldn't chase after someone's heart. It means that it's not meant for you. You shouldn't have to chase a phone call. It means that what they'd have to say is not the answer you're looking for. You shouldn't have to chase a person. It means that they're going in a different direction.

It means that both of your directions have yet to lead you to your destiny. So, stop staring at your phone waiting for them. Look up and live the life in front of you, because you don't want to miss the moment you were born for. You don't want to miss the moment that destiny wrote in the stars for you, your wish come true.

Stop chasing butterflies and start chasing your ambitions. Chase your promotion. Chase your bucket list. Chase your airplane. Chase your dreams. Chase the sunrise. Chase your friends in flag football. Chase the spring. Chase the winter. Chase laughter. Chase the vodka with tonic. Chase memories.

Stop chasing love, and let love find you.

The right one will collide right into you and smack you hard when you least expect it. So stop wasting time. So stop wasting your life. Chase destiny, because destiny is the only forever that is meant to be.

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