9 Reasons Why Every Twentysomething Needs a Side Hustle

Andres Zapata is handing millennials a golden opportunity.

The owner of a consulting firm, Zapata closes his office every day at 5:30 p.m. No exceptions.

Francesca Di Meglio of Bloomberg says our generation demands a greater work/life balance, and Zapata gives us what we want: more free time.

How should we fill (some of) the extra hours? With a side hustle. It could be anything: business venture, start-up, developing an app, volunteering your time, part-time job or even tinkering with a blog.

The list is endless. All you need to do is pick something.

9 Reasons Why Every Twentysomething Needs a Side Hustle

1. You'll learn all kinds of things you might not at your actual job

Too often, our day jobs become routine or fail to challenge us. Find a side hustle that inspires, and you will grow by leaps and bounds. Why? Because it will be something you want for yourself.

2. A side hustle could lead to a new career

Instead of quitting your job and diving into something totally new, dabble on the side. Test the waters, see if there's potential (ahem, money) and if the opportunity shows promise, then make your move.

3. Your twenties are the best years to hustle

As twentysomethings, many of us are single or without kids. With a flexible schedule, this is the perfect decade to experiment with projects we're passionate about and find where we truly belong. Bust it in your twenties, and the hard work will pave the way for a life of purpose.

4. You will become a time management champion

With a full-time job and side hustle, you begin to look at 24 hours strategically. Suddenly, you find spare minutes before work or squeeze in a few before bed. If you're chasing a dream, time management keeps you on track and on the grind.

5. Your twenties are all about taking chances

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So your side hustle fails. Okay, move on and try another. Some of the biggest life lessons happen when things don't work out, anyway. Roll the dice because even when you lose, you win.

6. Your side hustle will make you better at your real job

Never forget: All skills are transferable. You might pick up a cool design strategy while creating an app that informs your judgment at the ol' day job. One hand feeds the other, and no time is wasted -- even if your side hustle doesn't pay.

7. You will keep your mind active

If you put your brain on shutdown mode the minute work ends, you leave all kinds of productivity on the table. A side hustle makes you more inquisitive and more capable. Like playing a sport or an instrument, the more you train your mind, the sharper it becomes.

8. You might stumble into your true passion

If you like music, find a way to spend time in that space. If you like to write, start a blog or contribute to one. Spend time with people and places that naturally interest you, and you could fall into a role that makes you fulfilled. Without a side hustle, you may never find it.

9. You're worth more than a 9-to-5

Bosses like Zapata cut the work day short because they believe our generation needs a greater work/life balance. What we really need is a work/hustle/life balance. A full-time job, even one that requires a 50- or 60-hour schedule, won't teach us everything. And too often we're more concerned about the company's bottom line than our own.

Each week, build in time doing what you love. The results will surprise you.

What's your side hustle?

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