9 Reasons Why Leading Female Entrepreneurs Are Launching Facebook Groups

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

One of the most powerful ways to build connection online is with a content strategy that is relatable, and builds trust and community.

Recently, leading entrepreneurs are launching their own Facebook groups to support their business goals and it's making a major impact on their bottom line. Here's why:

1. It's Creating Community around their Brand

It's no secret that the journey of an entrepreneur can be isolating and lonely at times. Done right, a Facebook group can attract like-minded people who share a common goal or vision -- which helps people feel connected and let's face it, not so alone!

An entrepreneur who attracts a community around their brand can develop an endless pool of loving fans that trust, like + know them. This type of strategy ultimately leads to an increase in sales and new business opportunities.

2. It Positions them As the Go-To Expert or Resource

The owner of a group guides the conversation in the group, helps people navigate challenges and supports them with content and conversation that helps them get closer to their goals -- whatever they are. The content strategy behind this action can position them as the go-to expert or resource for their ideal client's main challenges, questions + hurdles.

3. It Helps them Connect with Content

A group that shares and supports content with a common goal or theme will ultimately connect through the posts and the comment threads within the Facebook group. The privacy settings of the group (secret versus closed versus private versus public) will also enhance the types of connections members make on a regular basis.

4. It Enhances their Current Offerings

Some entrepreneurs will create a private or secret group to enhance their current service or product offerings to connect their customer pool online, creating a community of people who have a similar interest. This can become a place where they share success stories, product/service challenges, Q&A, ask for support and engage with other customers. It can be a great place to get feedback, seek product reviews and promote newly released products to a loyal audience.

5. It Reinforces their Likability Factor

It's hard to like people you don't know, and online, that can be even more difficult. By hosting a group, entrepreneurs can make themselves more accessible by connecting with their network on a regular basis. Within this environment, prospects have an opportunity to get to know, and eventually like, the entrepreneur in a way that feels genuine and personal.

6. It Helps to Developing Trust

Trust is a tough thing for any entrepreneur to develop -- especially in the online environment. What helps entrepreneurs develop trust online is social proof (community numbers and participation), showing up consistently and being authentic about what they do and how they help people. This can be done relatively easily with a content strategy and editorial calendar of content that gets posted in a consistent manner.

7. It Establishes a Relatable Connection

People work with people their know, like and trust. Entrepreneurs that make themselves relatable can connect faster and with more impact than one who remains aloof and disconnected. The Facebook group environment encourages sharing and conversing -- ultimately making everybody that participates more or less relatable.

8. It Helps them Stay on Top of Your Mind

Not everybody is ready to buy right now -- but they may be ready in a few months. By connecting online after an offline event with a Facebook group invite, the entrepreneur can now have multiple opportunities to stay top of mind and nurture their relationships so that when the timing is right their contact is ready to buy from them.

9. It Allows them to Extend Their Reach

Because of its online nature, a Facebook Group can help an entrepreneur reach more people they might not have originally connected with had they been networking offline. An entrepreneur who runs a group is consistently visible -- up front and center. That kind of visibility will naturally help them extend their reach and grow their list at the same time.

Is a Facebook Group for Everyone?
Creating and running a Facebook group is not for the faint of heart. It requires a long-term commitment to produce content and engage on a regular and ongoing basis. Done right, a Facebook group content strategy that helps to unite its members in an ongoing discussion and place where they can hang out, connect, be inspired and learn -- ultimately leading to more sales, business and meaningful connections that last.