9 Reasons Why Some People Almost Always Achieve What They Set Their Minds To In Life

We all feel deep inside people who seem to achieve anything in life have something special. Although I believe there’s something, I don’t think it was given to them at birth. They just constructed their strenghts. They just built out their abilities, brick by brick. Here you’ll find the 9 things I came up with when I started thinking about what things high achievers might have in common. Please leave the ones you believe I forget in the comments.

1. They just jump

They don’t waste days contemplating pros and cons, what ifs…they just jump both feet to their goal.

They don’t think too much about if they have enough money, resources, contacts, time…they just jump. Their goal is pulling them so strongly that no matter what fear or obstacles, that won’t be as powerful pulling them back.

2. They know the limitations are only inside

So they won’t be easily convinced what they’re trying to achieve is crazy, or impossible. They won’t take any reason as real.

3. They have a very clear reason to want to do it

They know the “why” is more important than the “how”. The how will take care of itself if the right “why” is in place. And strong reasons become irresistible for potential employees, investors, suppliers, and journalist that spread the word about them. Many times a strong mission goes farther than a more solid revenue projections in a neat business plan.

4. No idea

I didn’t know what to write as #4 so let’s use it as an example of “I have no idea what goes there, but I don’t care, I’ll keep pushing come hell or high water.” They don’t let obstacles, or lack of ideas get in their way. They just keep going.

5. They’re convinced they can achieve it

They don’t accept limitations from reality, because it’s a very subjective issue. What’s real? What am I gonna be able to achieve? Says who? They know they can, and that’s all they need to make it a reality. They dream with their eyes wide open.

6. They tell everybody

That’s a powerful little secret: High achievers tell everyone and their moms what you’re after. That way it becomes much easier for other people to help them out. No matter how big, silly, impossible or ridiculous goal they have, the shout it out loud.

7. They just won’t give up

No matter the odds, no matter their circunstances, no matter what reality tells them, they just won’t quit. Some call them stubborn, some call them obsessed, and some just call them plain determined to achieve whatever they want to.

8. They have the right attitude

They just know setbacks are expected. They’re part of the road, and they accept it at face value. They know deep inside that even a step backwards is a step forward.

9. They’re realistic in terms of timming

They know things take time to materialize. But without sustained action and effort, nothing worthwhile is ever achieved. They do their part, and let the Universe do its.

This post originally appeared on Gonzalo’s blog “Inspower.co