9 Reasons Women Should Not Be Afraid To Lift Heavy Weights

Young fitness woman exercicing in the gym.
Young fitness woman exercicing in the gym.

The myth that women who lift heavy weights will end up with a "bulky" or "manly" physique should be demolished. It's simply not true. Lifting heavier weight will not automatically turn us into massive body builders, unless of course that's what you want and you put in some serious effort for it. But for women looking to add some lean muscle and definition to their bodies, lifting a little heavier is your best ally. It makes you stronger, sexier, and healthier. So ladies, don't be afraid to add more weight to the bar. Here's why...

1. YOU WILL LOOK (AND FEEL) LIKE A BADASS. In general, lifting weights helps you sculpt a sexier and stronger physique. But lifting heavy makes you feel powerful. You're doing something amazing and it's an activity that you probably didn't think you could do, which will do wonders for your self-image.

2. YOU BURN MORE CALORIES OUTSIDE OF THE GYM. Once you start lifting weights you begin to build muscle, and the more muscles you have the more calories you burn when you're doing something as sedentary as watching Netflix. And who doesn't want that?

3. YOUR JOINTS WILL LOVE YOU. You may have heard that weightlifting is bad for your joints, but the truth is it's less stressful than running is on your knees. Since weightlifting is a non-impact and controlled form of exercise, it's not hard on your joints unless you're lifting too heavy. Something I don't recommend. Weightlifting increases the overall health of your joints by strengthening your ligaments. Once you get into the groove of lifting heavier weights you'll be surprised at how well your joints respond. Do you have bad knees? Try squatting low with a comfortable, yet challenging weight. Your knees will be better for it.

4. CURVES. Want a head-turning hourglass figure? Weightlifting helps you sculpt beautiful curves. Cardio helps you burn fat, but it's the weights that create sexy curves.

. Exercise is great for your mental health. Many studies have shown that exercise helps you cope with anxiety and depression, but when you lift heavy you're also getting the added benefit of greater self-esteem and dramatically lowered stress levels.

It's simple: the more you lift, the stronger you get. As aforementioned, most women assume that lifting heavy equals a bulkier physique when the truth is lifting heavy equates to increased strength. Imagine bringing all the groceries in from the car in one trip. You will!

Weight lifting maintains lean muscle tissue, which assists in anti-aging capabilities. It aids in preventing age-related muscle loss and it's awesome for your heart.

8. MINIMAL TESTOSTERONE KEEPS US FEMININE. The reason female bodybuilders spend so much time in the gym is because it takes tremendous effort to build a muscular physique on a feminine frame. We don't have as much testosterone as men, therefore we can't achieve the look of a bodybuilder without considerable effort. The bottom line is, lifting heavy will help you build lean muscle and lean you out, but it won't "hulk" you out unless you want it that way. No Backstreet Boy.

9. AND FINALLY, DO IT BECAUSE WE'RE WOMEN AND WE'RE FEARLESS. It feels good to prove people wrong, especially when that person lives between your own ears. In the past, you may have looked over at the testosterone driven, weightlifting section in your gym and felt intimidated, but don't let that stop you. Walk over like you own the place and get started. And now that you know the truth, go ahead ladies, lift!