9 Reasons You Should Put Down The iPad And Pick Up A Cookbook

Today's world is overrun with online recipes. With the click of a button we can find hundreds of recipes for a chicken dinner, more for cakes and even a handful of ideas for how to turn watermelon into a cocktail. From huge recipe databases like Epicurious or Allrecipes, to online archives of magazine publications like Bon Appetit or Saveur, to the thousands of food blogs filling up Pinterest with recipes we can't wait to make, it's hard to remember the cookbook. But this is a grave mistake.

Cookbooks make the world of cooking a better place. Here are nine ways they do just that:

1. Cookbooks are there for you when the Internet goes out.

It's a scary scenario, but it does happen. And seriously, The Joy of Cooking has helped us make pancakes through brutal winter storms and in the most remote locations.

2. The greatness of Julia Child and her tome Mastering the Art Of French Cooking would not exist without the pages of a book.

And we would live in a world without the knowledge of how to properly make the best boeuf bourguignon of our lives -- and without Julie & Julia.

3. A world without cookbooks would mean living life without Yottam Ottolenghi (for those who don't have the good fortune of living in London).

That would be a travesty.

4. The story told through a collection of recipes is best understood through the linear reading of a cookbook.

And not just the recipes themselves, but the introductions and the extra detailed explanations a chef puts into writing his or her book.

5. Grease stains don't look as good on electronics.

A tattered, grease-stained page in a cookbook is an indication of a great and well-loved recipe. That same mess on a tablet or computer is just unhygienic.

6. You can write notes in the margins of cookbooks.

When you share that cookbook with a friend or family member, you've contributed in a small way to their cooking experience. It's a nice thing.

7. Cookbooks are a work of art.

The world can always use more art.

8. Cookbooks are a creative way of traveling without ever having to leave your home.

They're a lot cheaper than traveling, too. Whether it's experiencing one of New York's great restaurants (like Momofuku) through the recipes in a book or exploring an entirely new culture's cuisine, cookbooks provide a thorough education that Web sites lack.

9. Cookbooks aren't just about recipes, they're filled with crucial resources for successfully making meals.

And it's all in one, easy-to-find place.

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