9 Reasons Your Sisters Are Your Best Friends

Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without my sisters.


1. You've known each other your whole lives. This means more memories than you can count. It also means being understood. From the meltdowns you had when you were 5 to the tears you shared at each other's weddings, sisters go through it together.

2. You were raised the same way. You were raised with the same rules, the same schedule, and the same amount of money. You grew up in the same city and went to the same schools. This means that, no matter how different your lives look today, you have more in common than you realize.

3. You always have a second home. (Or in my case, since I have three sisters, a second, third and fourth home.) Because when you're with your sisters, that's what it feels like.

4. You have the same sense of humor. Whether it's a text message or a late night phone call, no matter what mood I'm in, my sisters can make me laugh. Our stories are always hilarious -- or at least we think so.

5. If you're extra lucky, you share the same style preferences. Shopping for each other is easy. Just buy them what you would want, and you're golden!

6. You're always on the same team. When you're feeling down, they pick you up in just the right way. The perfect amount of tough love and the perfect amount of sympathy.

7. You want what's best for each other. No matter how often we might disagree, I always know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my sisters have my best interests at heart.

8. With a sister, you can be real. So real. They already know everything about you! What's one more embarrassing story? What's one more fear exposed? What's one more secret confession?

9. Your relationship brings consistency. No matter how up and down life might be, you know your relationship with your sisters will remain. Strong, solid, unconditional love. So many more holidays. So many more phone calls. So many more laughs and tears and adventures. Sisters are forever. Sisters are best friends.

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Co-authored by Jody Porowski, CEO at Avelist

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