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9 Salads And Sides To Flag For The 4th Of July

Fireworks, friends and -- most importantly -- food! Flag these easy salad and side recipes for your Independence Day party. They're keepers.
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Fireworks, friends and -- most importantly -- food! Flag these easy salad and side recipes for your Independence Day party. They're keepers.


Usually we think of fresh berries as something to eat for breakfast or dessert, but here they make an elegant addition to a salad of baby spinach, pecans and goat cheese. The colors of red, white and blue make it perfect for the 4th! GET THE RECIPE


Perfect for a backyard BBQ, these baby potatoes are boldly flavored with a thick Dijon mustard marinade, then grilled until crispy and charred. GET THE RECIPE


Often referred to as "veggie crack" because it's so addictive, this is one of my most popular recipes. Whether you serve it as a side dish or a dip with tortilla chips (highly recommend!), the bowl is always empty and the mouths are always full. GET THE RECIPE


Crisp zucchini, burst cherry tomatoes and meltingly sweet red onions make an easy but elegant side dish for a party. Make it ahead and pair it with grilled chicken, salmon or steak. GET THE RECIPE


Instead of the usual corn on the cob, try a fresh corn salad that you can make ahead of time. This one is a breeze to make...and eat. GET THE RECIPE


So simple and so good -- this grilled asparagus and feta salad is the kind of dish that makes you wonder if you might possibly be a very happy vegetarian. GET THE RECIPE


These tender and sweet cornbread muffins are the perfect accompaniment to any Southern barbecue or Southwestern-style dish. My kids love them so much that I'm constantly swatting their little hands away from the bread basket so they don't fill up. GET THE RECIPE


Next time you're asked to bring a veggie or salad to a summer party, try these sweet and smoky bell peppers topped with feta, toasted pine nuts, basil and olives. The salad looks gorgeous on a platter, and is delicious with toasted pita bread, grilled lamb burgers or chicken kebabs. GET THE RECIPE


Old Bay is typically used on seafood, especially on the Eastern Shore, but here it infuses sweet summer corn and tomatoes with a subtle kick of flavor. GET THE RECIPE