9 Signs You're Exhausted And Need More Sleep -- If You Couldn't Tell Already

If you couldn't tell already...
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By Amy Marturana for Well+GOOD

Say you pull an all-nighter to get ahead at work, or you make it to an early-morning spin class. What do you get? Props for your hustle.

But you might be getting something else without realizing it: A case of exhaustion. And you may not even feel tired.

Surprisingly, "fatigue is not necessarily one of the main signs of sleep deprivation," explains Holly Phillips, MD, author of The Exhaustion Breakthrough. (The Manhattan MD is also a familiar face on morning TV as a medical contributor for CBS News.)

"Getting used to it doesn't mean that's all [the sleep] you need. It means you forget what it feels like to have good sleep," Dr. Phillips says of the "badge of honor" many of us wear proudly in our you-snooze-you-lose culture.

In fact, the first signs of sleep deprivation can be emotional, followed by cognitive, then physical.

Here Dr. Phillips shares 9 signs that you're not getting nearly enough sleep--even if you don't feel exhausted yet. Permission to sleep in, granted.

1. You're an emotional wreck. "Sleep deprivation increases risk of depression, anxiety, and being particularly reactive to stress," Dr. Phillips says. (One 2007 study showed sleep-deprived brains are more reactive to disturbing images than those who had gotten sufficient shut-eye.) So if the printer being out of paper causes a meltdown...you might be sleep deprived.

2. You're having trouble focusing. Find yourself zoning out at your desk more often than usual? The inability to stay alert or focused is a sign your brain needs more rest.

3. You're forgetful. "A lot of our memories are transferred from short- to long-term during sleep, especially during deep stages," Dr. Phillips notes. So if you're sleep-deprived, you might blank out on that new co-worker's name--or you may get way too much use out of your Find My iPhone app.

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