9 Spring Salads You'll Want to Dive Into (Really)

Now that spring is in full swing, eating salad is so much more fun thanks to the plethora of fresh, bright produce. From Thai Crunch Salad with Peanut Dressing to French Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese, these crazy-good recipes will satisfy all your spring salad cravings.

This recipe was inspired by the popular Thai Crunch Salad served at California Pizza Kitchen. It’s made with crisp Napa cabbage, crunchy vegetables and edamame but it’s the creamy peanut dressing that makes it so good; I guarantee you’ll want to put it on everything! GET THE RECIPE

Fragrant spices, bright colors, sweet and savory flavors — this Moroccan salad is a feast for the senses. It’s an exotic twist on the classic carrot-raisin salad, yet you won’t need any hard-to-find ingredients to make it. The magic is made with spices you already have in your spice cabinet. GET THE RECIPE

Fresh berries make an elegant addition to this salad of baby spinach, pecans and goat cheese. The fruity and tart raspberry vinaigrette enhances the flavor of the berries and brings it all together. GET THE RECIPE

This colorful slaw combines earthy kale, crunchy veggies and toasted almonds in a creamy ginger-peanut dressing. Healthy never tasted so good! GET THE RECIPE

This grilled asparagus and feta salad is the kind of dish that makes you wonder if you might possibly be a very happy vegetarian. Serve it with warm crusty bread to sop up all the lemon-scented olive oil and feta. Yum! GET THE RECIPE

This salad is so satisfying, you can get away with serving it as a meal. It’s easy too: simply shred a rotisserie chicken, chop some veggies, whisk the dressing, and dinner is done. GET THE RECIPE

Crispy, addictive roasted chickpeas are the star of this baby kale salad. Serve it for lunch all on its own, or as a side to grilled steak or rotisserie chicken for dinner. GET THE RECIPE

This main dish salad of chicken, soba noodles and ginger-peanut dressing is everything you want a warm weather meal to be: flavorful, light and totally satisfying. Soba noodles, the buckwheat noodles native to Japan, are available at many grocery stores but if you can’t find them, spaghetti makes a great substitute. GET THE RECIPE

Make this hearty lentil salad when you get fed up with hasty on-the-go lunches and are craving something wholesome. It’s made with French green lentils, which are ideal for salads because they hold their shape when cooked. GET THE RECIPE