9 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice for Aspiring Caribbean Entrepreneurs.

9 Entrepreneurs From The Caribbean
9 Entrepreneurs From The Caribbean

I read articles all the time about successful entrepreneurs and their best tips and advice for entrepreneurship. Sometimes, I think to myself, for aspiring Caribbean entrepreneurs, wouldn't it will be great for them to hear from people who are from the same place as them that have made a mark in the business world. Well, I decided to reach out to eight of them, and their responses were astounding. Find below the best advice these entrepreneurs have for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ashton Henry- Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Credit Specialist

Surround yourself with people who are proven, the doers, not those who give a bunch of theory but no action or results to support their talk. Find yourself a mentor. Strive for progress, improve each day, embrace the process of personal development and growth. Provide a service or product that solves a problem in the market. Always make it about your potential client/customer never about yourself.

Most of all...Hustle!

Kenroy George- Designer, Developer & Digital Marketer

Find a good mentor and never stop networking.

Trisha Mitchell-Darius- Co-Owner The Nutmeg Spot and Founder- SpiceYouth Toronto and IamGrenadian.com

Find your passion and the money will follow. Strive to be better than yourself every day and to outdo YOU constantly. Find good mentors, people who are where you want to be and ask lots of questions. Understand that the road you are traveling will be lonely more often than not and be OK with that. Understand the science and psychology of managing money. Make a conscious effort every day to do at least one thing that frightens you - you'll thank me for it!

Daniel Williams- Founder KoolTech TV

As for your aspiring Caribbean entrepreneurs, my advice is simple. Whatever field or business venture they decide to embark on it is important to have a working knowledge of that industry, field or business. Secondly, have a coach/mentor/advisor someone with experience within that particular field that can advise and guide you, this would limit the number of mistakes to be made in the learning curve. Thirdly, look for a need that is not currently or adequately addressed and aspire to solve that. In satisfying a need, your chances of being in business is greater. Fourth, a clear plan of action (Business Plan) Fifth, Use social media, it is your friend. A well-organized social media campaign will bring in significant benefits regardless of the nature of the business. Rewards are great, and it cost just pennies on the dollar Far more reaching effect or effective than traditional marketing Stick to it. The journey of 1000 miles begin with one step

Devon Wells- Founder Gospel Connection Canada and serial entrepreneur

"Be willing to make high-risk investments in your endeavors."

Cory Zute- Founder I’m Local and CO-founder- Digital Growth

I would say failure is part of success so don't be scared to fail because success doesn't come without failure, its apart of the process. Don't be scared to start because of what your parents, family, and friends might say if you fail. As long as you chase the dream and not the money, you will be able to overcome any negativity that will come your way.

Monique Mayers- Idea Alchemist and Serial Entrepreneur

Stop thinking of yourself as a Caribbean entrepreneur. You are a global entrepreneur, and you need to act accordingly. Pre-internet it was cool to focus on your island, but today the world is your market. We have such a great opportunity leverage our uniqueness as Caribbean people in front of a global audience. Any business owner who doesn't offer something that has an international reach is leaving money on the table

Kevaughn Graham- Founder- Graham Sports and Fitness

Get a mentor ( someone who understands the entrepreneurial lifestyle) Utilize social media for marketing Facebook reaches more people than Tv and radio Read read read. Learn your industry. Learn your products if applicable. Knowledge is power. It opens new perspectives and stimulates new ideas Find something you have a passion for if possible to turn into your business. Because on the days when you're tired or out of it passion will push you. If there's no passion, the effort is double as hard

Tahira Simmons- Founder La BellaTrude

Above all...you have to believe that you are deserving of success Like it's imperative that you shake fear and you put it in its place. You have to believe that you can be successful and once you do that, you will find that all the other things will fall into place. You will be motivated to put in the hard work to move your plan forward. Every success story has one thing in common- the belief in self and their idea.

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