9 Surprising Things You Can Cook in the Microwave

We know, we know: you're thinking fish sticks and Hot Pockets.
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We know, we know: you're thinking fish sticks and Hot Pockets. But look below for nine surprisingly fancy foods you can cook from start to finish in the microwave.

Mushroom Risotto (28 minutes)
Stirring stove-top risotto can be a real drag. Get the recipe.


Sweet Potato Chips (5 Minutes)
Because all veggies taste batter in chip form. Get the recipe.


Coffee Mug Frittata (70 Seconds)
Mornings can be hectic...Get the recipe.


Frothed Milk (2 Minutes)
Cappuccino lovers, rejoice. Watch the video, then turn your kitchen into a Starbucks.


Brownies (70 seconds)
Haven't you always dreamed of home-made brownies at the snap of your fingers? Get the recipe.


"Roasted" Garlic (6 Minutes)
After six minutes you'll have soft, cooked garlic you can use to flavor any recipe. Get the recipe.


Mac and Cheese (10 Minutes)
This instant mac 'n cheese is far better than the boxed stuff. Get the recipe.


Baked Oatmeal (3 Minutes)
Top it with milk, cinnamon, raisons, apple, banana, or whatever your heart desires. Get the recipe.


Chocolate Chip Cookies (6 Minutes)
Unleash the cookie monster within. Get the recipe.


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