Teens Shave Their Heads To Support 17-Year-Old Friend With Cancer (VIDEO)

You Won't Believe What These Teens Did For Their Friend... (VIDEO)

How far would you go to show your support for a friend?

On March 23, eight teens from England set a whole new standard for friendship and loyalty. According to wilmslow.co.uk, the high schoolers shaved their heads to show support for one of their close friends, 17-year-old Tom Lee, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The YouTube video above shows all nine friends -- Tom Sneyd, Jake Vaughan, Harry Stobart, Ollie Knight, Mike Loughlin, Harrison Peck, Seb Pemberton, Alex Lloyd and Tom Lee -- pulling straws to decide who would take the plunge first.

The result? Though most of the students are barely recognizable post-haircut, they were able to raise close to $5,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

"At first we were not considering raising money but to only shave our heads to support Tom," Knight told wilmslow.co.uk. "However, I'm so pleased we decided to because of the incredible sum we have raised. We all feel extremely proud!"

Last week, another community showed their solidarity for a teen when they came together for Katelyn Norman, a 14-year-old with bone cancer from Tennessee. When doctors told Norman she was too sick to leave the hospital to attend prom, hundreds of supporters brought the celebration to her.

While Norman has since passed away, the teen -- as well as the actions of her community -- were no doubt seen as inspiring.

"It was just wonderful how the community rallied," said Sharon Shepherd, an employee at Norman's school, to ABC News. "It's almost breathtaking. It's overwhelming the impact she's had."

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