9 Things Cat Owners MUST Do Before Entertaining

Make any get together purrfect.

Keeping Mr. Pickle’s litter box in the bathroom is fine for a chill night to yourself watching Netflix, but less so when Frances and Ben are coming over for wine and cheese. When guests are expected for a festive night at yours, you’ll probably want the only noticeable stink in your home to be the artisanal blue cheese. That’s why we partnered with Tidy Cats to bring you some quick and routine solutions for pet owners to keep in mind before hosting any shindigs.

1. Here's the scoop.
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Sure, we know you diligently scoop daily, because you are the best cat person ever! But what about the box? Scooping daily is an essential routine when you have a cat, but consider emptying the entire litter box every other week. Not quite sure if it’s time? When in doubt, throw it out.
2. Think inside the box.
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Imagine flushing your toilet each time you go to the bathroom but never cleaning the bowl. The same smelly outcome applies when forgetting to scrub down the box itself with soap and water. Otherwise, the bacteria––and all the lovely smells that come with it––linger. A couple times a month, take it outside and use a garden hose, a scrubber, and soap. If you’re a city dweller, dump as much matter as you can out of the box before giving it a good scrubbing in the tub. If you have access to a laundry room industrial sink, even better!
3. It's all a wash.
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Wash everything that is washable! Blankets. Pet bed. Sofa cover. Cat. (Or maybe just give Tigger a good, thorough brushing.) If your friends are around the corner and want an impromptu get-together, a quick fix for things you can’t wash: turn your couch cushions––and everything you can––over. Maybe it’s not a long-term solution, but it’s better than every piece of furniture looking furry on the outside.
4. Put your cat’s dead mouse toy away.
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No matter how often and thoroughly you clean, your cat’s gear - like scratching posts, beds, and food and water bowls - may slowly start to acquire certain smells and wear out more quickly than you realize. Keep your scratching post wherever you want, but consider tucking it out of the way when guests’ arrival is imminent. The extra room will make way for more wine and cheese!
5. Use your common sense to tackle the common scents.
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Even with a clean box, all it takes is one little visit from your cat to activate the smell of ammonia. Since our sense of smell is linked strongly to emotion and memory, consider a litter that has an ammonia blocker. After all, you don't want the smell of ammonia to invoke a sense memory of your get together.
6. Dust, mop, and roll.
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It’s no mystery that pet hair and dander make their way onto your furniture and throughout your house. For an impromptu visit, give surfaces a quick dusting and vacuum if you have time. Those econo-packs of lint rollers come in real handy, too, when your furniture needs a quick fix.
7. Accessorize.
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Believe it or not, those plastic food and water bowls you bought the same day you adopted your now adult cat don’t have nine lives. Getting ready to host is a good time to re-evaluate what should stay and what should go. And speaking of water and food bowls: remember to clean, replace, and refill bowls often.
8. Give a heads-up.
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Let your visitors know that you are a proud kitty-cat caregiver before they come over to help them prepare, too. It’s a bummer for your pals to realize that you have a cat because they’re having an allergy attack...
9. Cut yourself some slack.
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The most important task of all is to realize that your house doesn’t have to look like it’s never seen a cat. Your home should have personality––and no one can deny, your feline friend has got personality! So roll out that red carpet, because you are going to have an awesome gathering no matter what.

If you want peace of mind every time you entertain, make sure to use cat litter that doesn’t just cover odor, but neutralizes it. Tidy Cats LightWeight with Ammonia Blocker actually stops ammonia odor from forming for two weeks when used as directed, right at the source, so you can just focus on those hosting duties. Sorry, but Tidy Cats can’t take care of the rest of the cleaning for you...