9 Things We're Not Looking Forward To This Week (PHOTOS)

1. August.

sad beach

2. Finding out President Obama and Hillary Clinton had lunch just so they could discuss "Orange Is The New Black."

obama hillary clinton

3. Having the name of our future child ruined by Tropical Storm Flossie.

baby names

4. People saying, "Fine, more judgement for me!" in response to the Pope's stance on gay people.


5. Going one more agonizing Sunday without seeing a new episode of "Breaking Bad."

breaking bad

5. Realizing we only have one more month to do all those fun, summer activities we haven't gotten around to yet.

weird summer

7. Pretending to know what the Fed actually does.

federal reserve

8. Having to sit on the phone for hours late at night with Johnny Depp while he decides whether or not to quit acting, blah blah blah.

johnny depp call

9. Whatever political scandal Washington comes up with next (Okay, we're sort of looking forward to these).

chuck grassley



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