9 Tough Truths About Being An Entrepreneur

9 Tough Truths About Being An Entrepreneur
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Between working all hours of the day to carrying a heavy load of responsibilities, nine entrepreneurs reveal why being your own boss isn't as glamorous as it's cracked up to be.

A. You're Always Accountable


Have you ever heard, "You run your own company? That's great! You must get to make your own schedule!" The reality is, you're always accountable. That means long, unexpected hours, things not going as planned, and being the only one to fix the problems. But sometimes, working late and endless problem solving are the parts of being an entrepreneur that keep the job and work exciting. - Laura Johnson, Salty Girl Seafood

A. You're Not Always the Boss


Despite the perception that bosses get to do whatever they want, they are in fact confined to business options dictated by often uncontrollable situations. Every decision has an undeniable impact on the business and thus his or her own life. Entrepreneurs are responsible for results, and no reasoning or justification for circumstances will alter business outcomes. - Christopher Rodgers, Colorado SEO Pros

A. You Work Around the Clock


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Most people do not realize that running your own company is a never-ending job that requires many hours and wearing many different hats. While it may seem glamorous to have the ability to create your own schedule, to be successful requires a drive and hustle that requires working around the clock. - Courtney Spritzer, SOCIALFLY

A. You're Constantly Failing


Rarely does the media ever cover stories on the failures of entrepreneurs. It's all about their successes. In reality, more entrepreneurs fail than succeed, and it's the never-ending journey to keep that success going that most people don't know about. Sure, it makes for a great story, but it's also one of the biggest stressors of being an entrepreneur. - Zac Johnson, How to Create a Blog

A. You're the First in the Trenches


Sure there's a lot of glamour with the title of entrepreneur: flexible hours and sole decision making. However, that all comes at a price. An entrepreneur never sleeps because their mind can't shut off from the tasks at hand. We live and breathe our businesses, so when something goes awry, we may be alone solving the issue for as long as it takes. The stress takes a toll on the mind and body. - Cyril Agley,Talon Ventures LLC

A. You Get Your Hands Dirty (A Lot)


Even if you delegate and have a great team, problems are going to come up, and at times, even bring things to a standstill. You really have no choice but to stop what you are doing, roll up your sleeves and get the ball rolling again. At a big company, you can easily pass the buck, but as an entrepreneur, it's up to you make things happen and keep things happening. - John Arroyo, Arroyo Labs, Inc.

A. Everything Falls on You


As a founder, you have to fill in the cracks. At times, I've found myself hanging blinds, running to the store to buy milk, and emptying the trash, because all these tasks had to get done. Ongoing tasks that come up over and over are much easier to outsource or delegate, but the one-offs that require a physical presence and need to get done right away often fall on you. - Rob Walling, Drip

A. You Both Love it and Hate it


As the founder of AlignedSigns.com, I find myself in limbo at times. On one hand I am intensely passionate about what I do, and on the other hand, I find myself sacrificing more than I initially realized. Sometimes it's liberating to make all the decisions, and other times, the responsibility is overwhelming. But at all times, its worth it to see my vision turn into reality. - Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

A. You're Tempted to Isolate


Thanks to long, irregular hours, it can be incredibly isolating, and personal relationships can suffer if you aren't careful. I've seen more entrepreneurs than I care to count sacrifice their social lives to grow their businesses, and I've seen plenty of marriages grind to a close because one party is more married to their work than their spouse. - Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

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