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9 Ways Cats Make Our Lives Better (Kind Of)

Dogs might be man's best friend, but cats are our purr-fect companions.
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Someone once said that the dog was “man’s best friend,” and the expression stuck. Well… not for everyone! A lot of us out there are on Team Cat! Yes, cats can be kind of aloof. And, sure, they lie down on the job a lot. But to us, they’re purr-fect. In fact, the brain structure that controls their emotions is practically identical to ours! Which may be why we so easily forgive our adorable kitties for all sorts of behavior — because deep down we know that our furry friends truly love us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tidy Cats to pinpoint nine crazy ways our cats are actually making our lives better.

1. They Protect Us From Ourselves

Hero Images via Getty Images

When we need reminders to step away from technology, cats are our brave warriors. They’ll lie across our computer keyboards or sit in front of our television screens, shielding us from our vices. They intervene ― by jumping on us ― when we fall down the internet-browsing rabbit hole because they know we might waste hours that could instead be spent petting them! And when the time comes, they know we’ll return the favor and save them from the vacuum.

2. They Make Sure We’re On Time

101cats via Getty Images

Got an early morning interview? Need to catch the bus? No worries, because you have a furry alarm clock at home to wake you a few hours early! There’s no snooze button, and cats can produce more than 100 different sounds to get your attention at the crack of dawn. Some may argue that their meowing is a demand for breakfast, but we know better; they meow to make sure we’re out the door on time in order to earn our paychecks. And when it comes to alarm clocks, they’re cuter than any gadget on the market.

3. They Help Us Unwind After A Hard Day

Image taken by Mayte Torres via Getty Images

Professional relaxation treatments can break the bank, but cat parents often find themselves at the mercy of their kitty’s kneading paws. Who needs acupuncture when you’ve got your own ball of fluff lovingly digging their claws into your legs? While in their trance-like state, the frequency of your cat’s purrs may even encourage muscle healing! So sit back on the couch and relax as your kitty massages away the tension.

4. Their Shenanigans Crack Us Up

Ukususha via Getty Images

Cats are incredibly curious. They want to see and touch everything. Now combine their curiosity with a free-floating clavicle bone that allows them to squeeze into tight spaces, and you’ll often find your cat stuck in weird situations. In fact, at some point, it’s likely that you’ve paused mid-Netflix binge to wonder aloud, “Where are you, Mr. Snuffleupagus?” ― only to find your adventurous feline sprawled between coat hangers or lounging inside dresser drawers. The variety and ambition of their ninja stunts never cease to make us laugh (and give us great photos).

5. They Shred Paper Like A Boss

Ershova_Veronika via Getty Images

Our cats don’t like to see us feeling down. And they know that we sure look glum after opening certain kinds of mail. They stand with us in solidarity by tearing up those pesky bills ― phone, electric, gas, department store, dental ― that come all too often. They take the bills (and whatever other paperwork they can get their paws on) and transform them into confetti instead of reminders of just how much we went over our smartphone data plan this month.

6. They Respect Our Time

Claritoneve via Getty Images

It’s 7 o’clock on a Saturday morning, it’s probably raining, and your purring puss knows that you would prefer to stay in bed rather than venture outside. Therefore, our thoughtful fuzz balls choose to use a civilized litter box instead of pestering to use the great outhouse – unlike some pets. Caterwauling for food, however, should be anticipated at any and all hours of the day because cats require a lot of fuel to sleep that much.

7. They Show Us How We Could Live Our Best Lives

emmaduckworth via Getty Images

Cats chill hard. They sleep about seventy percent of the day. Now those are sleep goals! While we’re cleaning their litter boxes or washing the dishes, we side-eye them in envy as they contort into sleeping positions that put our shaky yoga moves to shame. It’s a stirring reminder to get our priorities straight ― beauty sleep is essential!

8. Their Tastes Are Unpretentious

Aksenovko via Getty Images

When you buy that expensive cat castle, who’s the one who prefers to sit in the old shoebox? Your pragmatic cat! Their down-to-earth philosophy sets an example for all of us living in a materialistic world. What’s more, there’s no need to spend copious amounts of time preparing that special blend of salmon or canned charcuterie each day when your cat walks in with a dead bird or mouse. Cats are not only self-sufficient, they were also into the local-food movement before the local-food movement was cool.

9. They Know No Boundaries

1001slide via Getty Images

Cats can have a funny way of showing their love, particularly when they are head-butting you. Yet the aggressive move (actually known as “bunting”) and the invasion of your personal space means that they like you a whole heck of a lot. Enjoy this moment ― even if you’re picking hair out of your mouth later ― because it means you’ve earned their unconditional affection. Yes, you’re on Team Cat. And they’re on Team You.

Not only do cats make life more pleasant, they also make our lives better. So make sure that you are doing your part by giving your fuzz ball the best. New Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms helps keep your home smelling fresh ― which is something that both you and your favorite feline can smile about. Now that’s the power of pleasant.


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