9 Reasons Being Middle Class Wins Over Being Super Rich

Sometimes, I thank God for my middle-class status. This is why...

1. Less Baggage
Less houses, properties, cars, (not to mention private jets, yachts etc.) and the papers and documents, and the maintenance that goes with all of these ... means less trouble for sure. Managing one house and one of everything else is occupation enough. Does one need more? Doubt it. One is a need. Two is a luxury. Three and more is a statement. More than that is superfluity. Even more - is a constant headache for life.

2. Less Clutter
Things generate things. The more you have the more you need. One of those infernal paradoxes of life. The theory is, if you can afford it, why not? After acquiring a possession, however expensive or attractive, it starts losing its sheen very soon. That's the nature of material things. The only remedy is to keep buying more. This keeps you diverted. However, the price you pay is of mounting clutter that serves no other purpose in your life apart from adding an ungainly dimension to your landscape, and weight to your soul.

3. Less family break ups.
Have you noticed how family feuds mushroom wildly in the flamboyantly rich zone? Uncanny. Siblings forget the warmth of their lovely childhoods, and war with each other, progeny forget the love and care bestowed upon them by their parents and get alienated - all for some property somewhere, or an extra portion of the stash. Plainly everything is forgotten. The sharing, the caring, the emotional bonding. Money is ostensibly bigger. Love and sharing, is traded then, for acquiring an extra piece of mortar or some cold wealth lying in a vault.

4. Less greed and deceit.
Excessive wealth creates ethical conundrums related to tax evasions, laundering money, and keeping it 'safe'. Too much money means having to put it away somewhere. And in places that will not lop off chunks in tax. This can generate tweaked morals for sure and sometimes gross violations. After such dubious activity, the constant anxiety and burden of guilt is not a very pleasant feeling to be dogging you at all times. If you get caught, (as one day everybody invariably is), all your money, nor all the money in the world will be able to buy you back your good name. What a miserable bargain - stain on your soul for some extra crores.
Now the MORE's...

5. More Time
Making wealth is a very time consuming affair. Remember, time is money? Every minute has to be mined and converted into monetary value. The catch is no time is left for much else. No, not ritzy holidays and the like, but being there in the present for yourself and your family without the intrusions of the perennial stresses attached to the generation of excessive wealth. Of course, the stress of making money is there for every class, but for the very rich it is relentless. It pursues you at all hours. The bigger the stakes, the greater the tension.

6. More Trust
When you don't have much there's not much to lose. And, you have no reason to be suspicious of the motives of those you interact with. You can be sure that if anybody is your friend, he is in it for you, not for other extraneous factors. Excessive wealth demands a sharp caution at all times, lest you be swindled financially or emotionally. Tiring, for sure, besides taking away the spontaneity of relationships.

7. More Simple Joys
Life is a smorgasbord of simple joys. However, many of these get left behind on the wayside, on the journey to big wealth. The little things of life can hardly generate much frisson when even big things become blasé.

8. More sleep.
Air conditioned rooms, the trendiest of apartments and softest of mattresses, unfortunately don't guarantee sound sleep. It is admittedly difficult to sleep peacefully with the weight of so much wealth on your back. Less money, less physical comforts, but better chance of a more moderate and balanced lifestyle, conducive to better sleep.

9. More scope for focussing on the essentials that go beyond materiality.
When you are not drowning in a sea of wealth-related problems, there's a better chance to focus on 'inner space'. This space is important because it is said to hold the real treasure. A treasure that cannot be stolen and does not furrow your brow, but smoothens it, and increases with sharing, and which gives you the incomparable taste of your own true being. The discovery of this treasure - introduction to your own self - is blissful. There is no other word for it. In one stroke it washes away accumulated grime and makes your soul breathe. It makes you simply the richest person in the world.

So chin up. The best treasure is within your reach. Spend at least some time of your life, in trying to acquire it...