9 Ways Personal Branding Photography Can Massively Grow Your Business

9 Ways Personal Branding Photography Can Massively Grow Your Business
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Tanya Boggs

By: Tanya Boggs

Investing in high-quality, authentic photography is required if you want your visuals to play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. Much like eating, we shop with our eyes. We make many purchase decisions based on first impressions. And buying is often an emotional decision more than a practical one. Therefore, your branding is about influencing the way consumers think about you and your business or product. As a result, personal branding photography can have a huge impact your business and your bottom line.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is underutilizing their photography assets and their investment. Custom photography is an asset, therefore having a library of image files to pull from can save you time and money over the long-term.

Tanya Boggs

Here's how you can maximize your investment in personal branding photography and leverage your assets for massive value: Use them throughout all your marketing strategies.

Place them throughout your website.

When you personalize your business with photographs you create trust. It also visually tells the story of your business, your brand and your unique value proposition. At the very LEAST, you want to have your headshot on your website. People want to know your are a real person, and are more likely to contact you vs. a business website without a headshot. People do business with PEOPLE, not business. (I know, I say it all the time. But that's because it's true!)

Use them in posts on your social media platforms.

LinkedIn, Facebook business page, Instagram posts, Twitter, etc. Posts that include an image receive 120% - 180% more visibility and engagement.

Place them in your newsletters and e-blasts.

Showing your clients is more effective than simply telling them.

Use them in press releases about an event or new offering you have.

A press release is an easy way to get potential media coverage when you have an announcement or an event. It's free marketing! Why not try it? I'm inviting you to drum up some press with your awesome new branding photography.

Refresh your profile pictures every few months so that people see a new image of you.

This puts you back in the front of their mental database. Just remember to use the same image across all platforms so people can quickly recognize you.

Place them in your sales and landing pages.

This will lead to better conversion rates.

Submit an image along with your bio when you have a speaking engagement.

Don't just tell them who you are. Show them. And speaking engagements are a great way to get in front of new faces and meet new potential clients.

Put one in your email signature.

Personalize your email and help people remember who you are. You are more likely to remember a face even if you can't remember their name.

Use them to create a rack card, brochure, mailer or other print marketing pieces.

You can even put a photo on your business card — it helps people remember you.

Tanya Boggs

One of my clients has has been able to use personal branding photography to grow her business:

[Tanya and I] created a library of images to pull from for speaking engagements, articles, sales pages, and social media. Recently I was featured in Mt. Pleasant Lifestyle Magazine, and I was able to send them images I love that were perfect for both the article and my brand. — Lee Heyward, Image Strategist, www.prosperousimage.com

Money Saved & Time Gained by Using Personal Branding Photography

Lee Heyward shared with me some tangible numbers on how much she saved and gained by having a small library of personal branding photography. When she was approached by a magazine about featuring her in an article, she was able to send in photos of her choosing. Therefore she wasn't at the mercy of one the their photographers, or their timeframe. (Tip: Sometimes the photographers at smaller magazines are students or interns.)

She gained time (about 8 hours) because:

  • she did not having to prepare for a session.
  • did not have to spend time (or money) at the salon to get camera ready.
  • there was no need for a photo shoot.

And, she saved money (about $250) on professional hair and make-up services because she could skip the photo session and just send her images.

Personal branding photography is a powerful tool because it can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. It's all about understanding how to leverage your images. Lee has learned the power of the photograph. As a result, she loved the outcome of the article because she controlled the content and brand image of the photography assets that were used.


With an MFA and two decades of experience in her rearview mirror, Tanya Boggs is an award winning photographer specializing in creating strong images. She helps entrepreneurs and small companies reflect their brand identity throughout their marketing by providing on brand photography, on demand. Learn more at www.tanyaboggs.com.

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