9 Ways That Tile Is The New Wallpaper

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While we're forever fans of lovely wallpaper, we've been noticing a new design trend that's got us reconsidering our four walls: tile.

This versatile material isn't just for the kitchen and bathroom--tile feels right at home in the living room, bedroom and outdoor spaces, too. See our ideas gallery, with tips on how to get the look in a wide-range of materials from cement to mirrors to wood.

Adorn Your Ceiling
A herringbone pattern across a sloping section of a ceiling helps demarcate the dining area/library from the rest of this loft space.


Create A Fireplace Surround
Geometric patterns reminiscent of the great '70s designer David Hicks look dynamic on the hearth.


Mix Patterns
Don't stop with a patterned wall--add even more visual interest to a room with a striped rug in coordinating hues.


And Throw In A Tile Tabletop
Ever see those cool little Midcentury iron-and-tile tables in an antique store? Now Los Angeles-based Plain Air makes new ones to order in your choice of colors. They're suitable for use outdoors and in.


Consider Unconventional Shapes
Today's tile isn't just the same old grid; these H-shaped tiles from the California-based Fireclay Tile make a great entryway focal point.


Add Unexpected Texture
What's better than a dramatic, single-hue accent wall? One that's got a bit of sheen to it, like this black-clad ceramic covering by the Los Angeles-based Kismet Tile.


Clad Walls In Puffiness
The shape of these decorative tiles is based on a ginkgo leaf, and they attach to your wall by Velcro. So you can redo the look of your TV room soundproofing at any time.


Sleep On It
This groovy bed platform evokes the happy, quirky Memphis design movement of the '80s, which is having an interiors renaissance.


Don't Think Permanent
Graphic plywood tiles such as these can be mounted using magnets, so they're easy to install and take with you when you move.


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