9 Ways to Cool Down Your House Without Switching on the A/C

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Ugh, re-circulated air is the worst. But so is watching Netflix when your bedroom hits a steamy (and oh-so-very-stagnant) 90 degrees. Here, nine ways to effectively chill out without turning on the air conditioning.

Close your curtains when the sun is shining. Read more.

Then, open 'em up when it gets dark (windows, too!). Read more.

Get creative with a fan and ice. Read more.

Switch your bed linens to cotton. Read more.

Stick with no-bake dinners and desserts. Read more.

Run your bathroom fans. Read more.

Check to see if your ceiling fan is on "counter-clockwise" mode. Read more.

Switch your lightbulbs to CFLS. Read more.

Eat more ice cream. Read more.


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