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9 Ways to Copy Gabby Douglas's Lipstick Color

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By Chaédria LaBouvier

Last Tuesday, when Gabby Douglas sailed over the uneven bars during another gold medal haul for the U.S. -- the Final Five won first place in the team gymnastics competition -- I thought: What an amazing athlete. But also: What lipstick is she wearing?

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I'm not the only one wondering. The ganache-and-burgundy hue Douglas wore drove beauty aficionados into a frenzy, as evidenced by a Twitter search of "Gabby Douglas lip color." There's no word yet on the exact hue that Douglas was wearing, but until she breaks her silence, here are some dupes to tide you over.


This classic is a brown-brown with only subtle hints of burgundy. It goes from goth-lite to glam easily, and at under $7 a pop, it's a mainstay.


Described as a "deep chocolate burgundy," this is Chanel's (limited edition!) answer to "What should my lips look like this fall?"


This often sold-out, universally flattering shade is a tried-and-true option for diehards of the '90s brick-lips trend.

This "smoldering" lip cream is best described as "wine-drenched brick" -- like you spilled your glass of merlot on a brick wall.


Also from the Simply Vamp line, this is a deeper and more intense color than Aphrodisiac -- more brown than burgundy, but still with subtle hints of wine.


NARS 413 BLKR Lipstick in Warm Rose Brown, $28

A semi-matte with a soft, warmer take on the bold-lip trend.

More scarlet than brick, the blue undertones give it depth that nods to chocolate on darker skin tones.


Another Revlon classic. More cherry than black, and a universally flattering color on those who favor heavier burgundy overtones.


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