9 Ways to Make Money While on Vacation

A lot of times we look at vacations as faraway fantasies that don’t really get to come true. While we may have the chance to go on vacations, we are usually plagued with just how much it could cost to go on a fully fledged vacation.

We consider the cost of the trip itself, the accommodation cost and a myriad of other things and then look at the work we’re leaving behind and wonder how much we could be making if we didn’t go on the trip instead.

It’s a rather common trend; you’re either worried of the amount you could be losing if you take a vacation or you’re worried that things might fall apart when you aren’t there to check up on it.

But if, even on your trip, there was a way to still make money? Not necessarily big money, but enough to ease the strain of the vacation’s cost on your wallet?

Here are 9 ways to make money while on vacation.

1. Rent out your house.

You’re on vacation, so that stands to reason that your house is going to be empty. Rather than letting it lie fallow, why not rent it out? Just as you’re taking a vacation to go somewhere, there’s someone looking for a place in your area to spend some time in. The rent money can go a long way with easing the costs of the vacation. Sites like Airbnb and HomeAway offer you ways to easily connect with travelers who are looking for a place to stay while on their travels.

You should note though that the rent rate depends on several factors, including demand and location of the property. So do some research on how you can put up for your place — like finding out what others in the area put up for theirs — and get competitive enough to attract renters.

2. Rent out your car.

Not entirely convinced about renting out your place to strangers? Maybe you feel better about them getting to use your car instead. Good news, because you can rent that out also, assuming you didn’t have to use it to get to your vacation spot. Rather than having your vehicle gather up dust in your garage or at the airport, get it moving and make money for you.

RelayRides is an online car rental community that can be used to put your car up for rent to travelers, and it comes with free airport parking. FlightCar is another option if you’re looking to rent out your vehicle for the duration of your trip.

It’s worth noting that the make and model of your car, along with the amount of miles driven will have an impact on how much you can charge for your car.

3. Get paid for your photos.

We always want to keep records of where we went, what we did and how we did it. Enter pictures and your smartphone. You could be very much inclined to take dozens of photos while on your trip, so why not get paid for something you’re already doing?

Stock image sites, such as Shutterstock and iStock, pay contributors royalties that can go from a few cents to over $100 whenever your submitted images get downloaded. That’s a great way to make some good cash while on a vacation. Check out the requirements (if any) on the type of photos that can be submitted.

4. Be a tour guide.

Are you going to a place that you know so much about? Maybe you’ve been there enough times to know quite a good amount of the history of the location. Or you even know about some of the legends and myths that surround monuments.

Turn that knowledge into something that pays by being a tour guide to tourists in the area. Rates per person can range from $30 to $200 for a three-hour tour. That’s impressive money, considering a tour could have as many as 10 people at any point. Vayable is a site you can use to become a tour guide.

5. Be an errand runner.

Running errands is one way to make money while on a vacation. You get to see some of the sights as you move around to deliver a package or the other. Grabr.io is a site that lists available errands in specific areas, so it’d be a good idea to check it out and see what’s available wherever you are.

You get to deliver packages from one place to the other. Another money making avenue is by performing simple gigs, some as simple as snapping pictures. The pay isn’t much, but it’s still money and a good way to see more. Apps like Gigwalk and FieldAgent list available gigs up for grabs.

6. Freelance.

Got some expertise in writing? Or maybe you’re good with proofreading. That’s an easy way to get some extra pay and you get to pick the hours you work. Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer are worthy places to check out.

Make up a profile and earn some pocket money.

7. Become a Pool Guide.

Some hotels and motels will always be in need of professional swimmers to keep order and save lives in their swimming pool section.

You don’t need much expertise, simply know how to swim. You should know how to care for children and teenagers swimming and at same time keep watchful eyes over adults.

8. House sitting, babysitting.

Not exactly for everyone, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Rather than having to pay for hotel accommodations, getting to house sit means that there’s a place for you to stay in. The agreement might require you to do some cleaning or repairs, but the perks are that you get a place that opens you to new sights.

The same goes for babysitting, though there are age limitations on that. If you can’t babysit then you could always house sit.

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