9 Ways You Know You Are a Writer at Heart

The love of writing is a special sort of gift that I would like to think was bestowed on me in a past life. Not only is writing a way of sharing what I think, but it's also a way to clear my mind and understand the world around me. It's an art of the soul, the pen and the tongue and I don't believe you have to be a published writer to know that you are a writer at heart. Here are a few way I believe one can distinguish on whether they are a true writer.

  1. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a new journal.

The crisp smell of the paper, the feel of the leather, the possibilities of all that will go in this little book are so moving! New journals create a feeling of wholeness that can't quite be described, only felt. Sometimes I find myself buying new journals even though I have an unfinished one at home. The more journals the better. In fact, another way you know you're a writer is if...

  1. You have 30 old journals hidden in your closet.

You refuse to throw them away. In them are the secrets you've kept, the stories of heartbreaks you've endured and the ramblings of your everyday life. Sometimes you take some time to go and read all the things you've written and it's always baffling to see how far you've come or how much you've changed.

  1. You get excited when words convey your thoughts both clearly and elegantly.

The play on words is an everlasting challenge. It is absolutely beautiful when you find the words to describe exactly how that smile changed your life or how your lover's hair felt that morning in Autumn. It really is a beautiful feeling, and all the more when the words follow a rhythm that is easy to understand. It's almost orgasmic!

  1. You have spontaneous word enlightenment.
You could be driving down a busy road when all the suddenly
And his love shone like the light on a sunny day
. Words just seem to spontaneously come to you. The most frustrating thing though, is when a pen or paper isn't around and you just have to keep those pretty words in your head until they disappear.
  1. Grammar is not always your first concern.

You know the rules say that you shouldn't start a sentence with because, and or but. And you often find yourself thinking "It would flow better if I could add a pause there."

  1. You're observant

You pay attention to the way someone's eye glistens when they hear a beautiful symphony and you notice the dark aurora that comes in with the man at the restaurant. Writers are observant because the world around us is the basis of our inspiration. It gives us something to write about.

  1. Coffee? Tea? Both?

With a mind that's constantly moving many writers typically have a comfort drink. This is the drink you go to late at night when you're sat on your couch with your pen. My main drink used to be coffee but I switched over to tea for about a year. Now I drink both.

  1. You head to your journal when you're feeling lost

I can't count the number of times I've said to myself "I have to write." I've even had aches to write. Writing has often taken the place of meditation because I go into a deep being state and at the end of the process I always feel better. Some of the most challenging problems in my life I have solved while writing. It's a soul healer!

  1. Little things inspire you

As stated earlier as a writer you are inspired by the world around you. It isn't just the grand schemes that move you though. It's the sound of a waterfall or the laughter of your little sister. You may not even write about. The little things of life may just inspire you for inspiration's sake.