9-Year-Old Rugby Player Dominates Like A Man Among Boys

"Beast Mode" indeed.

He certainly levels the playing field.

Watch 9-year-old rugby sensation Meaalofa Te’o bulldoze or run by opponents with ease during a tournament in Canberra, Australia.

That stiff arm ― yikes.

A Sept. 12 Facebook video of Te’o’s highlights was appropriately titled “Kid Goes Beast Mode,” presumably comparing the youngster to “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch, the now-retired American football star who overpowered tacklers.

He is a very good player but soft at heart,” the boy’s father, Karene Te’o, told Australia’s Wide World of Sports. “He is a very humble young boy.”

Mashable noted that the reel sparked debate about instituting divisions by weight ― done in some youth contact sports leagues ― rather than by age.

But by the measure of any league, Te’o is pretty darn impressive.