90-Year-Old Grandma Displays The 'Keepy-Uppy' Skills Of A Pro

Cristiano Ronaldo, eat your heart out.

By the looks of her swift moves, you'd never guess Ase Marie Nordhagen is actually 90. The Norwegian great-grandma has become something of a viral sensation after a video of her doing "keep-ups" with a soccer ball spread around the world. 

The nonagenarian celebrated her 90th birthday last week, showing off her soccer skills to Norwegian newspaper, Ryfylke. 

Nordhagen said she has been practicing keep-ups, skillfully balancing the ball on her foot and bouncing it up and down, since she was a child. Today, she can manage about 50 kicks straight but claims to have a personal best of over 1,000. 

She keeps her skills sharp by practicing daily for up to an hour. "I can't go past the ball in the hallway without picking it up and performing a few tricks," she told Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, adding that it takes her back to her childhood. 

Besides Nordhagen, other older women also have demonstrated their athletic prowess. Earlier this year we wrote about Bolivian grandmothers who play a mean game of handball to keep fit. And last year, in the streets of Rome, an older Italian woman gave some young men a run for their money, joining in on a game of street soccer. 

Keep it up, ladies. 

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